Lebron fans the flames in Kenosha — “we are terrified”


Lebron James blamed the police for the shooting of Jacob Blake, fanning the flames of a city under siege by looters and arsonists.

Lebron said, “we are scared as black people in America; black men, black women, black kids, we are terrified.”

He’s terrified/

Based on one quick video, he has decided that cops could have avoided shooting Blake. No due process for those officers!

He doesn’t know all of the facts and no one in the public does. There is an investigation.  But Lebron claims police could have tackled him:

“If you’re sitting here and telling me there was no way to subdue this gentleman or detain him before the firing of guns, then you’re sitting here and you’re lying to not only to me but you’re lying to every African American, every black person in the community because we see it over and over and over.”

Lebron’s a vigilante.

What does the man’s race have to do with anything? There is zero evidence this is race-based — at this time.


A new video shows Blake fighting with the police and possibly brandishing a knife.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

Like to see Lebron try his luck at taking a fellow into custody who had a warrant out, a history of violence, and the possibility of having a weapon. Also like to see James and his fellow grossly overpaid athletes start investing their dough in some of the businesses being burned, looted, and destroyed by rioters. Put up or $hut up.

debra Walker
debra Walker
3 years ago

what are YOU doing to help lebron??? this was NOT an innocent angelic man being arrested. the cop was wrong to be shooting from WHAT we’ve able to see thru news agencies. but the kid was DIVING into the vehicle, which would make me question his actions. funny how you guys always want to wait til the facts come out, but as usual, you do not practice what you preach.

3 years ago

Have had it with this man, who hates Trump and incites mob rule, he does not understand our Bill of Rights and Constitution.