Lest we forget, the Stone jury was stacked, his arrest was a violent takedown


As we reported last November, the Stone jury was one not of his peers and Judge Amy Berman kept almost every one of them.

Republican operative and television personality, author, and radio host, Roger Stone had a jury pool that came from an electorate who despises his friend and boss, President Trump.

The U.S. District Court in Washington chooses jury pools strictly from deepest-blue D.C. boundaries, otherwise known to many as the “swamp.”

The Constitution’s Sixth Amendment mandates an “impartial jury” of one’s peers. His 12 jurors were not a jury of Mr. Stone’s peers as it turned out, and they weren’t impartial.


The lead juror in the case ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2012.

Tomeka Hart revealed her role on the jury in a Facebook post defending four prosecutors who quit the Stone case in protest over a revision to the Trump confidante’s recommended prison sentence.

Hart’s social media activity shows she closely followed the special counsel’s Russia investigation, and frequently posted negative stories about President Donald Trump.

From the beginning:

“At the beginning of jury selection, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee who took a hard stand against Paul Manafort, said that she would not remove potential jurors solely on the basis of them working for the federal government or because of their views of Trump,” the Daily Caller reported.

Judge Jackson rejected a request from defense lawyers to remove a potential juror who dislikes President Trump and whose husband is a lawyer who worked on the Russia-Trump case.

Politico reported, “And that first juror was an only-in-Washington character, a former Obama-era press secretary for the Office of Management and Budget whose husband still works at the Justice Department division that played a role in the Russia probe that ultimately snagged Stone. She acknowledged having negative views of President Donald Trump and said she had followed the media coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.”

The outlet noted that the woman said she did not have strong views about Stone and could make a fair judgment.

Jackson denied a request from Stone’s lawyers to strike the woman as a potential juror.

“A former attorney who stepped up to be questioned to sit on the jury admitted he was “deeply opposed to everything Donald Trump stands for,” and had voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016,” Courthouse News reported.

But the prospective juror said despite the “highly charged political climate” in Washington, he had no doubt he could set aside his personal political opinions to serve on the jury, according to the same outlet.

Jackson would not send the juror home.

After that, Stone became ill and left the courtroom with food poisoning. He and his wife went to the courthouse clinic.


One male potential juror unknowingly used Stone’s own words to describe the defendant, calling him a “dirty trickster.” He said he knew Stone had a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back, and that the former president was known as “Tricky Dick,” according to courthouse news.

Another man described Stone as a “political provocateur,” while a woman from the witness box said Stone is “clearly a flamboyant character.”


While he was investigated for alleged contacts with Wikileaks, he was “not charged with hacking or handling of emails, and there is no evidence in the special counsel’s report that he did,” Daily Caller reported.

Yet, he faced life imprisonment.

The Daily Caller reported further, “Instead, Stone is accused of lying during his House Intelligence Committee testimony in September 2017 regarding his discussions with Trump campaign officials and other associates regarding WikiLeaks’ plans to release Democrats’ emails.”

“He has pleaded not guilty to lying to the House Intelligence Committee about his communications with WikiLeaks. He also pleaded not guilty to charges of obstruction of justice and witness tampering,” according to the outlet.

The Mueller attorneys in charge of his prosecution recommended 7-9 years in prison for the sickly 67-year-old with a deaf wife.

Let’s not forget how they arrested the elderly sickly man:

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3 years ago

This is disgusting. Trump’s press sec. should do a press conference and reveal all this and other things that need to be gotten out to the public regarding the corruption and evil of the Dems.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Face it folks…these people accuse Trump of what they themselves are doing and the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media back up and amplify the false accusations…the Gestapo “censors” in social media have also recently stepped up to the plate to block ALL conservative input that does not conform to their “narrative”…What happened to Stone is a precursor of what is in store for you…Bloomberg, Steyer, Sanders et al ALL want your guns…THINK Adolph, Josef, Mao, Pol et al and what all these “leaders” have in common…the extermination of millions of their unarmed countrymen…think it cannot happen in the USA…think again. Antifa e.g. is a reincarnation of the “Brown Shirts” and the “Red Guards”…and excessive official actions towards those who do not follow “their” agenda have occurred…and obviously the DOJ/FBI/CIA etc., have been infiltrated/stacked against YOU!!!

3 years ago

Everybody knew it was a railroad job; a kangaroo court. Now all of a sudden, Stone is guilty and undeserving of any consideration.

3 years ago

This is exactly the kind of crap for which the ability to pardon is intended

Know Your Enemy
Know Your Enemy
3 years ago

Lawfare will eventually graduate to warfare. Be ready. In other news Hollywood is so butthurt over the lowest rated Oscars ever and will now release cornball The Hunt where the brave resistance fighters hunt down the deplorables. It is due out early spring.