Let’s Play, Who’s the President


Who is running the United States of America? Is it Joe Biden? Looking at it realistically, given the destruction we’ve seen, it’s possible but highly unlikely. He’s almost zombie-like as he reads mindlessly from a teleprompter. His response time is generally slow, or he responds with a platitude or a nasty crack he thinks is funny.

While never particularly smart, he is nothing compared to what he was. Look at past clips and compare them with today as he wanders aimlessly to find exits, trips on words, reads cues off teleprompters, and says he’ll get in trouble for answering a particular question. Have you seen his cue cards, telling him the simplest things like walk in, greet so-and-so, sit down, call on a certain reporter, and here’s her photo?

Biden relies heavily for everything on his staff who are former [or current] servants of Barack Obama or George Soros.

Who’s the President?

George Soros’s number one handmaiden and left-wing loon, Neera Tanden, was appointed the domestic policy advisor. You can expect open borders to continue.

Mostly, it appears to be a continuation of the Obama agenda that he never got to bring to completion.

Who’s Mr. Obama? He was raised by a communist grandfather and mother, tutored by a rabid communist on the FBI terror list, who only hung around with Chicanos and Black Marxist professors, didn’t want to end up with a white woman, loved his CRT professor, and married a woman who was only proud that one time when her Marxist husband was elected.

Somewhere in the mix is Maoist China. We obey them a lot under Biden, starting with lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates. We do their bidding often and sell them land near military bases. Our economy is crumbling, along with banks; everything is getting bigger and further from the people’s control.

Obscene spending, warmongering, surrendering Afghanistan, destroying our Justice system (a Soros favorite), censorship, media brainwashing, government propaganda, destroying policing, trying to take our guns, and threatening and menacing anyone protesting, beginning with parents and ending with rallies at the Capitol all help the Maoist ideology. Let’s not forget the Mao Christmas bulb on Obama’s White House tree.

We don’t see Congress or the President in their traditional roles. We see rules, memos, executive orders, verbal directions, and armies of unseen and unelected bureaucrats telling us we can’t have gasoline cars or heat with only the snap of their fingers.

They are forcing through electrification of everything – heat, cars – and who benefits from that? The answer is only China. The Chinese Communists have control of the solar panels, the minerals needed for EVs, the parts for windmills, and we have fossil fuels which Democrats are eliminating with the speed of communism.

Who’s on the Hit List? What’s Going Down?

The Hit List: Parents, Republicans, Conservatives, cash, the Bill of Rights – especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments, justice, borders, low taxes, single family homes, small banks, independent media, freedom to say no to what goes in your body, freedom to say no to an anti-American curricula and child mutilations, and that should tell you something.

They’ll imprison Donald Trump before they let him enter the White House again. Is it because he’s annoying or dangerous,, or because he ran the presidency in a traditional American way?

Did you know that Barack is the only president who hung around DC after the election. One of his mansions is very near the White House.

Who’s the President? You tell me.

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