Lin Wood arranged for a top legal team to defend Kyle Rittenhouse


Prominent attorney Lin Wood has arranged for a legal team to go to Kenosha to defend Kyle Rittenhouse who killed two rioters and wounded another. He had trouble tracking Rittenhouse down but tweeted that he did finally make contact with the boy’s family. Many believe Rittenhouse, who was charged with first-degree murder, is getting hosed.

In a second tweet, he urged Americans to “stay strong” and “demand justice under our constitution.” His last tweet was to urge “Pray for our President. Pray for our country. And always, always, always, fight back.”

There is no evidence that Rittenhouse is guilty of first-degree murder. The 17-year-old from Antioch, Illinois, about twenty miles from Kenosha, spent the day of the shooting, washing graffiti off buildings, giving first aid to Antifa rioters, and chatting with citizen reporters and the police.


During two interviews he gave to citizen reporters, he expressed no malice or racist intent, yet the media unfairly labeled him a white supremacist without any evidence to support it.

The only one who appeared to be a racist was the man who was shot and killed with a bullet wound to his head — Joseph Rosenbaum. He can be seen in this clip calling people ‘ni–ers,’ and encouraging them to shoot him.

It’s obvious a naive 17-year-old shouldn’t be patrolling the streets with a rifle to keep violent communists and criminals at bay. But he was. He said he wanted to protect the businesses.

The media falsely labeled him a white supremacist to get at President Trump. They need to shift the blame from the main agitators who are far-left Democrat supporters.

The NY Times reports that his twitter feed is filled with support for the blue. That is hardly a white supremacist goal. The times left out a lot of facts in their article, but at least they didn’t lie about what was in his social media feed.


Every video available showed Rittenhouse was trying to flee from the mob who had him in their sights. He wasn’t out looking for trouble and certainly, there is no evidence he was planning to murder people.

Evidence might turn up and who knows what he said to police, but so far, he’s being shafted.

Rosenbaum can be seen chasing Rittenhouse and throwing projectiles at him. At the same time, someone fired warning shots in the air. We don’t know yet why Rosenbaum was chasing him.  As he lunged at Rittenhouse, the boy fired four shots. One appears to have unfortunately hit Rosenbaum in the head. The circumstances were gunshots going off and a very aggressive  man, Rosenbaum, was throwing things and lunging at him.

There isn’t much of a case for murder there.

Rittenhouse attempted to make a call, several people said it was to 911, but realizing the danger, he took off.

In the case of the other two shootings, Rittenhouse was running from the mob and one person was able to slam him on the head with a skateboard. Rittenhouse shot him, in the stomach it seems, and the man unfortunately died. Another man was chasing him with a handgun and he too was shot and wounded. He will live.

The wounded man’s name is Gaige Grosskreutz and his big regret is that he didn’t kill the teen:

When Rittenhouse saw a police car, he walked towards the car with his hands up, but the police continued on. Rittenhouse then took off which was a good idea given the situation. The mob would have possibly killed him.

He has been labeled a fugitive but he only went home, twenty miles away. He was easy to find.

Social media stories claim that Black Lives Matter pushed for the first-degree murder charges. We have no idea if that is accurate.

Whatever the case, this is in no way a first-degree murder case unless we’re missing some important details not available in the many videos available.

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Sworn Defender
Sworn Defender
2 years ago

Where is the arrest and charges for the one-armed man???

Sieg Zerstoerer
Sieg Zerstoerer
2 years ago

This young man should be feted as a hero, not arrested as a criminal.

Some background on his attackers is in order:

Joseph Rosenbaum was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl, and received a ten year sentence. He served about three years, and was on probation when he was shot. He had warrants on him for failure to update his residence and for jumping bail for a new case of Domestic Abuse.

Anthony Huber was a felon, with convictions for strangulation and false imprisonment. He had a history of domestic violence and drug convictions, including an arrest for use of a firearm while under the influence of drugs. Great guy.

Gaige Grosskreutz has convictions for Going Armed While Under The Influence, among other petty offenses, and claims to be an EMT and Paramedic in hiso work for two different ambulance services, but doesn’t hold a license to be either one in Wisconsin.

Nice guys…good aim, Kyle.


2 years ago

The mob is violent. A lot of these morons are felony criminals like the two who were killed. One a convicted pedophile, the other one a wife beater. These criminals are encouraged to go public by the usual suspects. The want civil conflict and it should be given to them. They will not be missed.

edward o'neill
edward o'neill
2 years ago

I see a future MILLIONAIRE here when he gets through suing the dishonest media Bastards for portraying him as a White Supremacist! I’d sue the city attorneys office of that city after he gets completely exonerated of the False Charge of Murder!

Dr. Frank
Dr. Frank
2 years ago

I wonder if the Minneapolis Bail Fund will bail him out??