Lincoln Project con men have new GOP targets


The Lincoln Project grifters have a new money making project now that Donald Trump is gone. It doesn’t seem to matter that they are exposed as corrupt. Democrats still support them.

Through their 314 Action Fund, they are raising money to take out Senators Hawley, Cruz and Leader McCarthy.

The grifters who ignored pedo co-founder John Weaver also ignored Rick Wilson‘s fundraising of $65,000 for a film he never produced.

The slugs are trying to tie the three Republicans to the mob who stormed the Capitol. It will prove lucrative. They raised $100 million to destroy DJT and made millions personally.

Democrats will ignore their peccadillos because The Lincoln Project is a team of vipers. They are very nasty and they launch ad hominem attacks without evidence.

Their fundraising letter included this comment by James Carville:

They don’t fight hard. They fight dirty.

It doesn’t matter how shifty these lowlifes are as long as they win. Anything goes. The end justifies the means. They like to pretend they are Conservatives. That’s a pathetic joke.

The Lincoln Project scoundrels:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Notice, no comments on this abusive group from the corrupt cowards called the “leaders” of the dying republican party. Those “leaders” are nothing but tools of the left.

Franks, Peter Franks
Franks, Peter Franks
3 years ago

The Peter Principle gang rides again.
Keep failing upward comrades.
Maybe hit the gym and ease up on the buffet line?
You can drop the we are republicans schtick as you only fool dullard CPUSA comrades and no one else.

O/T-the late PM walk was a doozy with the wind going at 40mph, had to bust out the heavy windbreaker jacket with a lining that is actually another jacket and wraparound button down face flap with a ski mask.
Paging global warming, global warming pick up the green courtesy phone.