Listen to ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Chants During Biden’s ’75M Dangerous Americans’ Speech


So that you know, the people who want you banned from social media for your opinions and fired from your job for not abiding by WOKE rules would like you to know they are vehemently against fascism.

Last night, Joe Biden declared war on the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump. In a dangerous and alarming speech, he called Make America Great Republicans dangerous and a threat to democracy.

Putting America First and Making America Great are radical ideas for the Democrat Left. In their opinion, this constitutes an extreme threat to the new political order — one-party Democrat rule. Biden was clear last night during his Stalinesque speech. There is one party, and if you are not in it, you are dangerous, dark, and a threat to democracy.

What do you do to the threats to democracy? Since Biden has already weaponized arms of government, how far do you think he will go with this?

There are efforts now to put so-called MAGA Republicans in prison for any connection to Jan. 6 and any effort to have the corrupt 2020 election examined. “Lock her up” -referring to Justice Thomas’s wife Ginni – is trending on Twitter as the inevitable distractions from the failed president ramp up.

BLM murdered, looted, and burned its way across the country for months after George Floyd’s death. In response, Republicans offered the Platinum Plan and police reform. Those conciliatory efforts need to change. We must obliterate the Left’s false claims, or they will surely bury us.

Biden has been in charge for 18 months, and in that time, he has brought destruction to this nation. What evidence do you need? We chant, “lock her up,” and they actually lock us up. Americans have to change that.

Let’s Go, Brandon!

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