Listen to Obama & Biden Top Staff Plot the 2014 Ukraine Insurrection


Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt discuss the plan for the 2014 insurrection in Ukraine on a phone call.

As News Punch indicated, Nuland’s been involved in every Obama-Biden disaster (my words), from Benghazi to the Steele Dossier to Russiagate.


Obama and Biden planned the 2014 coup, even though I’ve been called fake news by the Soros-tied NewsGuard fact-checkers and their corrupt parrots Media Bias Fact Check for saying it. You can’t win with left-wing fact-checkers. They are willing to lie or twist reality.

The conniving and foreign interference exposed in this call is unacceptable. They don’t even know how inappropriate and manipulative this is.

They worked with the UN, no friends to the US, to make this happen and said, “F… the EU.” Nice (sarc.). They were going to contact Biden so he could say, “Atta boy” to the plan.

In 2014, Obama and Biden destabilized the region for no reason except perhaps to control Ukraine and follow the globalist plan we’ve heard so much about. They then allowed Nazis to become part of the military. Ukraine and the U.S.  had promised to not expand To Russia’s border when the Soviet Union broke up and gave them independence. It was a formal, written agreement.

Listen to the call:


Despite a war built on the 2014 insurrection, World Economic Forum devotees of Ukraine, are attempting to digitize everything.

The blackouts continue and the US taxpayer is forced to rebuild their energy infrastructure. Nevertheless, Zelensky’s government has money and time to go full digital. The plan includes government digital IDs.

“The Government needs to become as flexible and mobile as an IT company, to automate all functions and services,… reduce 60% of officials, introduce large-scale privatization and outsourcing of government functions,” said Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation.

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