Listen to this Courageous Young Woman Who De-Transitioned


Special interests, including medical corporations, only want you to hear from the groomers who are transitioning children. They will censor anyone who tells the truth. That is why it is so important to hear the heartbreaking story of Chloe Cole and what is happening to Gays Against Groomers for launching a fight to protect children.

Chloe Cole

Gays Against Groomers posted this heartbreaking story of a young girl who started to transition at age 12. The girl, now a woman named Chloe Cole, underwent deforming surgeries by age 16 when she “realized my mistake.”

Her description of her parents was of loving people who followed the therapists’ advice. They believed she would kill herself if they didn’t transition their child.

The lucrative business of transitioning children is taking a faddish, cultish movement and destroying lives. Children don’t have the psychological maturity to make these damaging life-long decisions. Some children have mental issues that would be better dealt with through therapy and maturation.



Gays Against Groomers should be applauded for having the courage to come out against the LGBTQIA+PRIDE mafia that has now embraced child mutilations and pedophilia. Gays Against Groomers is an important and potentially powerful movement. That’s why Venmo and Paypal have banned them.


In any case, no matter what you think of the group, you are watching the “more alarming frontier of corporate censorship: banishment from the financial system for having the wrong ideology,” Glenn Greenwald points out. He says, “Trudeau’s freezing of protesters’ bank accounts previewed this.” He continued, “I know liberals, and especially leftists, love to fancy themselves big threats to and enemies of corporate power. It’s a total fiction. Big Tech, banks, and online finance are now punishing dissent from left-liberal ideology, especially on cultural issues.”

Greenwald gave the example of cryptocurrency. “The reason many people are interested in bitcoin and blockchain is its potential to liberate people from dependence on corporate power to dictate what views one must espouse. The reason liberals and leftists mock that is they don’t need that liberation.”


Corporations are pushing for extreme centralization to make profits. With this in mind, child mutilations are very big business.

Very few people are fighting child mutilations and raising awareness. Christopher Rufo, Libs of TikTok, and Matt Walsh are currently bringing it to the attention of Americans.

The clinics performing these horrendous, life-changing procedures are making huge profits, and they don’t seem to care about what it does to children. This is a perversion of capitalism.

Detransitioners are ignored, and the Hippocratic Oath is dead until these surgeons are held to account.

The evil outlet, Media Matters, is trying to shut Matt Walsh and Libs of TikTok down, claiming they’re forcing hospitals to take down information that children transitioning need. So far, these facilities are only taking down pages and will continue to perform mutilation treatments and surgeries.

Matt Walsh is trying to shut them down with the help of politicians and the legal process. We can’t rely on the goodwill of people.

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1 year ago

The dialectic is ideologically informed of a militant feminist-homosexualism philosophy.

1 year ago

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was a closet Gay. In the 1960s, he conspired with LBJ to destroy the Black Family by flooding poor inner cities with drugs. Both men were also racist. The drug culture spilled over in to the rest of America and now a broken family is the Norm, not the exception.

This was only possible because in the Depression, FDR seized the opportunity to expand Government and make people dependent on Government. The threat of tyrannical control has been present since 1776, but it wasn’t until after the founding fathers all died off was it possible. The big move was the Civil War, followed by Reconstruction. Then there was the Progressives.

When Ronald Reagan came along, The People began to realized that there was a problem in America. The Epiphany came with 2008 election and the push by Democrats for Communist Style Government run Medical Care. The Rebellion started with the TEA Party. The TEA Party mobilized the Bureaucracy which circled their Wagons during the 0bama Regime. Liberals thought that were going to take over the World. The Alphabet Soup Perverts can out of the wood work and the 0bama Regine encouraged the Academics to Indoctrinate our child and groom them to except every perversion imaginable.

Then came Trump!

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