Liz Cheney Goes Bonkers! Plans to Overturn the People’s Vote


Liz Cheney does not like Republicans voting for Donald Trump. She’s infuriated about it and has sworn to overturn the likely election of Donald Trump as the GOP candidate.

“The GOP has chosen,” she wrote on X. “They will nominate a man who attempted to overturn an election and seize power. We have eight months to save our republic & ensure Donald Trump is never anywhere near the Oval Office again. Join me in the fight for our nation’s freedom.”

I thought overturning democracy was what Colorado’s Supreme Court tried to do.

Where is her evidence that Donald Trump tried to seize power? He questioned a sketchy election, something Democrats do every time a Republican wins.

In the clip below, Cheney links to her globalist website, The Great Task, which relies on articles from left-wing sites: NPR, ADL, ProPublica, WaPo, The New York Times, and Joe Scarborough.

Liz Cheney

All I know is I had a lot more money when Trump was in office, I wasn’t worried about wars, and I didn’t have MS-13 near my home. If you go by Texas prison numbers, illegal aliens commit 30% more crimes than natives.

In case you’ve forgotten, Cheney said if you support Donald Trump, you’re a cult or a collaborator.

Her solution to the problem as she sees it is to overturn the candidate selected by the people.

Establishment Republicans can’t get us out of this mess because they are out of touch.

Laura Ingraham nails it here:

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