Look at the Big Sponsors Supporting Drag Queens for Children


Drag queens perform for adults, make movies, and go on TV; ugh, but who cares? What they never, ever should do is perform their lewd, sexual acts for children. With these progressives, there are no limits; anything goes unless it’s something they disagree with. They talk about their values, then show us they support drag queens for children, indoctrination and mutilation surgeries for little kids, lying, global totalitarianism, identity politics (racism), and deterioration of our human rights and our Constitution.

So here are the sponsors of this garbage: Walmart, Merck, Molson Coors, Cargill, Truist, Capital Ale House, Harrison and Rhinebeck Democratic Committee, The Gaines Group, Lady Jane Shop, Northwestern Mutual – Erin West, and Rhinestone Home Productions. And they are so proud of it that they are advertising it.

Ask yourself, ‘Why do drag queens want to perform for children when they mostly perform lewd sexual routines?’


Most of the responses supported drag queens. Some said Republicans with guns are more dangerous or just Republicans in general. They will make the most illogical comments to rationalize this.

Drag queens are tools to advance the far-left agenda, which includes sexual extremism and the sexualization of children.

Jack Posobiec tweeted, “Look how fast they went from ‘it’s just pronouns’ to demanding children be provided to the drag queens. We know where this ends.”

This is where it goes and goes quickly. The ultimate goal is lewd performances (graphic) and indoctrination:

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1 year ago

In my county, EVERYONE involved would go to jail for public nudity and child abuse. The land would be confiscated and rezoned as a garbage dump. The Preacher would personally burn the place to the ground. It would be a good idea for the convicted to never return to the county again.

I already do all I can to set foot in a Walmart; I’ll add the rest of the businesses to my Go WOKE, Go Broke List. You would think that being from Arkansas, the Walton Family would have no part of this. Maybe the new Arkansas Governor can help them see the light. I know in Florida the Governor got Disney’s attention. I guess we need to go after the WOKE State by State or even County by County!

Popeye the Project Boy
Popeye the Project Boy
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Thank you. Sometimes I feel like the Lone Ranger out here. Great minds think alike.