Look how Google search is massaged, spun, and crafted


Google this: ziegler elementary school felix book

This is what you get from Google:

Ok now click on news, still not much, nothing jumps out at you, eh?

Ok now DuckDuckGo: ziegler elementary school felix book, and you get this:

You don’t even have to click on news.

Bing gives you the same thing DuckDuckGo gives you. Just amazing how this stuff is being massaged, spun, and crafted by Google.

And there is nothing on MSM about Hunter getting his pals in to see his père, then Vice President Biden.

Nothing in the news about your kid having easy access to gender reassignment but we know all about some old geezer who didn’t pay all his taxes on some benefits.

We’re not saying to burn the Ziegler book but a book on black queer transgender teens isn’t for elementary school kids.

This is a book that you get recommended from your 18-year-old kid’s psychiatrist.


This article was written by one of our researchers who wishes to remain anonymous so he doesn’t get canceled.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

Big tech is creating a big mess.

they are drunk with power and their head is too big, it can not go trough the door.

I hope they get in big trouble and pay a big price.

I hope their fall is big and painful.

they are evil.

1 year ago

Dumped google long ago to use duckduckgp then recently started using brave as a search source since much of duckduckgo is indexed from bing. While brave is new on the scene I get more searches from it which aren’t mere copies.

1 year ago

That is why I tell people that if you’re interested in the Truth, do almost anything but google it. The Internet is a “Public Utility” and any Editorializing, Omissions of Opinions, or Propagandizing by the provider should be Illegal. The 230 Law shielded Internet media from liability for the actions of others. It is clear the intent of 230 was not to shield the providers from what otherwise would be illegal acts. When Republicans regain control and forces the Deep State to come to it’s senses, ALL the Big Tech Media Actors need to be brought to Justice.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

…also to be brought to “justice” are those that aid, abet and enable them…

No Use For A Name
No Use For A Name
1 year ago

Google=Long March fellow traveler destroy civilization CCP.
You can see the bias just by searching for pages like the Sentinel.
Results for the actual page are few rounds into the search.
A good daily visit blog from behind imperial swamp lines full of astute commenters doesn’t even show up in search.
They shall remain nameless in the time of the golden rainbow unity collective.