Biden top aides push children to demand transgender status


President Joe Biden’s top deputies joined with transgender activists on Wednesday to encourage children to claim they are suffering from anti-transgender discrimination.

“If you or someone you know is facing discrimination because you are transgender, we want to know,” said Kristen Clarke, the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the DoJ, said in the June 30 YouTube broadcast.

“You can file a complaint now … We see you, we hear you, and we will keep fighting for your inclusion, your dignity, and your equal rights under law,” said Clarke, who also suggested that the Supreme Court will back the children’s claim.

An 80-minute “Convening on Transgender Equality” video showcases 21 speakers, including children, transgender activists, a few elected politicians, along with others from Biden’s cabinet and administration.

Rachel Levine, a transgender man to woman, is the Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services. She tells any potential transgender kids, “You are so brave. I want you to know your president has your backs …  and I will do everything that I can to support and advocate for our community.”

Go to 1:17 for more:

In this clip, crazy Kristen Clarke complains about an 11-year-old not being able to compete in girl’s sports as a transgender. Why is no one asking why an 11-year-old is transgender?

Breitbart was the first to report this.

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2 years ago

Only the scum of the Earth would use children like this. The is clear child abuse.

Chest Rockwell
Chest Rockwell
2 years ago

Sick. Degenerate. A perfect metaphor for the weaponized CCPgov under Uncle Joe.
External enemies keep societies from growing weak and decadent but external are now internal.