Looting’s nothing really, rioting’s necessary, vote for Dems


A genius looking to steal Nike CoolKicks sneakers either took his own car or stole one, a very nice car and rammed it through an indestructible storefront window. Alas, it was destructible with a car plowing through it. The genius looters stole a batch of sneakers. If the driver used his own car, he’s even more brilliant than we thought.


Why do I mention this? Well, the reason is that Democrats have made known their desire to legalize looting. Looting is basically okay in several major Democrat cities.

A new Soros-funded District Attorney in Sacramento, Diana Becton, told deputies and law enforcement that they should first consider if the looter needed to loot before charging the person or if the goods weren’t important enough to charge.

She’s not the only one. This is going on throughout the nation.


Watch this compilation by The Blaze reporter, Elijah Root who has taken video at times which resulted in guns pointed at his head.

Let’s not forget how Biden staffers donated to get rioters out of jail. Those were the same rioters destroying cities like Milwaukee.

Kamala Harris asked for money to bail out the rioting demons.

If you like what you see, vote for Joe Biden and Dems for the House and Senate. Communism, here we come. First the anarchy, then the communism.

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Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

The moving business is booming in NYC. It should be in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, LA, San Francisco, Kenosha and every other Democrat run big city that allows riots. But don’t come to my city or even state if you bring those destructive leftist ideas and Democrat votes with you. If fact, if that’s the case, stay in those cities you created and wallow in your own filth.

john Guynup
john Guynup
2 years ago

Looting seems to be a way to reward the demonstrators.

2 years ago

No more respect for the ownership of property, stealing is now okay if you claim a need, against any spiritual values.