Lori Lightfoot Heads for the Curb This Election


Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot urged black voters to help her “keep the seat” from falling to white or Hispanic hands. She’s desperate. They seem ready to ditch her and her horrendous policies, but she’s gaslighting them and using the race card to try and put herself over the top.

Jim Geraghty says, “As Lightfoot seeks a second term in the upcoming February 28 election, some business leaders, concerned about the continuing crime wave, want someone better.”

Her chances are slim to none. The findings come from a WBEZ/Chicago Sun-Times/Telemundo poll conducted last week.

She can’t beat Chuy Garcia or Paul Vallas, who are tied.

Vote for me; I’m the real black person in the race

“Any vote coming from the South Side for somebody not named Lightfoot is a vote for Chuy Garcia or Paul Vallas,” Lightfoot told a religious congregation.

“If you want them controlling your destiny, then stay home. Then don’t vote. But we’ve got to do better.”

Lightfoot faces eight opponents in the February 28 election as she seeks a second term. Six of her rivals are Black. Some worry about a split in the vote. It’s another talking point. some ministers stood with her as she criticized black candidates for running against her., says KD News.

She spoke in the Greenwood Oasis Church, accompanied by former Black Panther Bobby Rush.

“We need the South Side to come like a mighty roar to the polls,” Lightfoot said. “We don’t need to be the Israelites wandering in the desert for 30 years. We need to get to the promised land right now, right here, and we won’t get there if you don’t vote.”

In 2019, she emerged from a field of 14 candidates with 18% of the vote. Most of the votes came from white lakefront residents, reports KD News. It’s not likely they’ll pull the switch for her again, given the crime problem.

Chuy Garcia says her remarks are disqualifying.


Lightfoot is clueless. She won’t take responsibility for her bad policies. Instead, she’s blaming the police and claiming the solution is to eliminate their physical standards. There are 20% fewer police since she took over, and it’s her fault.

Black people aren’t happy about her filling their neighborhoods with illegal aliens. They seem ready to kick her to the curb.

And she can’t dance.

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