Madness Report: US Fears Ukraine’s Next Move, Potential Nuclear War


According to an NBC news report, an official in the Biden administration told members of Congress in a special briefing that the Ukrainian military can liberate the Crimean peninsula from Russia. Other officials in the administration express concern about a widespread Ukrainian attack on the peninsula, which will push Putin to use nuclear weapons.

This is madness even to consider the next move of this sort.

Israeli Amir Tsarfati reported that the US intelligence and administration are allegedly afraid of something the Ukrainians will do. They are potentially planning to bomb Russian bases to take over Crimea.

When Putin took over Crimea, he followed a referendum, and he said Crimea is part of Russia without question.

The fear is that Ukraine, with Kiev half out of power from Russian drone attacks, will try to take over Crimea, signaling they are unwilling to give up a square inch of land lost in past conquests.

Tsarfati says the US fears Russia will have its back to the wall and use nuclear weapons. A nuclear missile has already been lowered to its launching pad. The threat of a nuclear attack on Ukraine is real. The Ukrainians feel they have nothing to lose, and Putin has made it clear he will use nuclear weapons if they feel they have no option.

The US – the West – fears Russia will do that.

As of this morning, British, German, and US intelligence all fear Ukraine’s next move. Ukraine can’t go without heat for the winter and might do something spectacular. It could be the trigger. Russia has enough weapons to destroy the West and the US. We in turn would destroy them. We have some lunatics in this country and in Ukraine talking about first strikes.

Mr. Tsarfati didn’t delve further into what happens if NATO wins. What is the plan other than overturning the Russian regime? We could get someone worse. And what of Donbas? Do the people of Russian descent who speak Russian find they can no longer identify in that way or speak their language? Ukrainian President Zelensky has sought to eradicate all of Russian history from the books. He has imprisoned his opponents and silenced all opposition in a tyrannical way. Is that what NATO is willing to live with? Russia won’t tolerate it. Nuclear war will break out if Russians feel they have no options left.

The truth is we are not told the truth.

The rest is to paraphrase some of what MacGregor said in the next clip.

The US is insolvent and has fools running the administration. Col. MacGregor thinks this will come to an end. He said it’s one thing taking on people who can’t fight back and picking a fight with a nuclear nation. Putin wants an end to the threat to Russia and doesn’t want war with the US.

Col. MacGregor feels Russia is going to come out stronger. The rest of the world doesn’t want US hegemony and we can’t afford it. This is backfiring on the US, and it will collapse.

He said we suffer from national narcissism. Most American people don’t want to be involved overseas and the elites find ways to drag us into war.

MacGregor believes Taiwan is way overblown. He also says the US brought on this unnecessary war.

There is more. Watch the clip for the rest of a fascinating conversation:

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