Small group of anti-police nuts nabbed for plans to kidnap MI gov, start a Civil War


The U.S. Justice Department charged six or seven people in an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court. They also wanted to assault the police and start a Civil War. The claim is they are linked to a right-wing militia, but the right-wing loves the police.


The complaint alleges the conspirators, five of whom are from Michigan and one from Delaware, had conducted surveillance on the summer home of the Democratic governor at least twice in preparation for their attack.

Their goal was to “try” Ms. Whitmer for treason and the suspects planned to carry out the plan before the presidential election in November, the complaint said.

The Feds found out about them earlier this year when members started talking about overthrowing parts of the government and attacking law enforcement.

The Feds had informants and undercover agents working the case plus they monitored their chats and phone calls. The insane and teeny group, allegedly tied to the Wolverine Watchmen, wanted to start a Civil War.

Marvel Comics has a Wolverine and a Watchman. Are they linked to Marvel Comics?

More charges coming:

Oh, he looks normal:

Why not do this with Antifa and BLM?

The left is already tying these people to Trump but that’s absurd. They’re crazy criminal/terrorists it seems. Allegedly at least three of them are criminals: Paul Beller of Milford with 21 felonies Sean Fix of Beldow with 2 felonies, and Eric Molitar of Cadilac with 2 felonies, and Michael Noll, William Noll, Pete Musico, Joseph Morrison. We don’t know if the others have police records.


Racist Sunny Hostin is noting that they are white and blaming Trump:

We found a Wolverine militia but they take anyone as members and are not necessarily right-wing.


You know who else is mostly white – Antifa. And you know who else is half white — BLM.
They’re rioting in Wisconsin.



  1. Central casting rejects egged on by Comrade Wray and the crew? We may not like the Gretch and her political views but let’s don’t wish any harm on her or go full vigilante.

  2. Sorry, but for now I don’t believe it. This comes AFTER the uproar of Wray talking about white supremacists and the response is, what about Antifa. It wouldn’t be the first time the FBI has concocted a case out of nothing. I don’t trust ANYTHING the FBI does these days.

    I was watching the stream that included Oba Lewis. He was showing miles of streets littered with trash and garbage. Every trash container along those streets were dumped. At the time I thought maybe he was ‘disgusted’ with what was going on, Until, he saw the kid on the bike and attacked him. It goes on for a few minutes and one of his viewers tells him he committed a crime, live, and the police would find him. The stream quickly ended and according to the re-streamer he deleted his entire Instagram account. Sorry bud, Too Late. It was right after this when he realized, by the comments, he blew it. He then quickly stopped the stream and within a minute the account was gone.

  3. Wolverines is the name of the U of Michigan sports teams.
    Guess what the best cannabis strain in MI is called…Donald Trump.
    Why would a solid blue state name their best line after the preezy of the steezy.
    They don’t have a brown dirt strain with malformed seeds called the Gretchen…yet.

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