Mars Ditches WOKE All-Female M&Ms Over Right-Wing Rebellion


Candy maker Mars replaced the sexy, women-empowerment M&M “spokes candies” with actress Maya Rudolph. The all-female M&Ms were annoying many people, not just the right wing.

Last January, M&Ms introduced WOKE, and there was a backlash. People don’t want politicized candies.

Maya Rudolph will star in the candy brand’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial, not the spokes candies.

Conservatives, including Fox News host Tucker Carlson, said the makeovers the mascots got last year, including new shoes and personalities, were an example of a liberal agenda gone too far.

Tucker said that M&M would not stop until every character was “deeply unappealing and totally androgynous” and that equity would only be achieved when “you are totally turned off.”

In September, Mars said that it was adding another color to its six-candy lineup. A peanut M&M was now wearing combat boots and believed in “acceptance and inclusivity,” Purple was initially only part of ads and online campaigns.

And then earlier that month, M&M’s announced the launch of a limited edition candy package featuring Green, Brown, and Purple in an “all-female” lineup.

They are now ditched.

Babylon Bee made fun of them.

Everyone made fun of them, especially women. Normal women don’t need candies representing them.

Their ties to China’s Maoists came out.

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15 days ago

It’s OK that the Regular M&Ms have a girl or two. It’s OK for the light in the loafers guy to be a Regular M&M, but the “Guys” have to be a Peanut M&Ms. That’s just the way things were meant to be. M&Ms seems to be a guy candy, girls eat Kit Kat Bars.

Irritable Bill
Irritable Bill
15 days ago

No Mars, you are not attempting to bring people together…you are attempting to drive people apart, by driving wedges in wherever you can….that why we wont buy your boorish crap.
I can fix your problem easily and quickly…I am not telling you how, changing back will help but it is nowhere near enough, people are shitted with you and I for one will never buy any Mars crap again….ever!
However, I could be turned and many others could be, if only you knew how ha ha.
So if you want me to fix it, it will cost you, and am happy to do it free up front based on results…the kinds of results you will never get with your current moron employees….

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
15 days ago

Go woke and either you go broke or you have to go un-woke if you don t want to go broke.

Woke leftism is a symptom of people with mental illness.

Leftists are for the most part disconnected from reality, and apparently many of them now are in high power big jobs where they can make a large company do absurd counter productive imbecilities.

Irritable Bill
Irritable Bill
15 days ago

Excellent reply. Harvard did a sturdy asking Libs and Conservatives about their mental health and if they have been on meds or had other mental health services….it turns out the lefties are far higher represented in this way, and the further left, the madder they are.
It’s quite obvious really, we all know it, sadly Mars doesn’t.

15 days ago

“[…] even a candy’s shoes can be polarizing.”

‘scuse me, ***WHAT!!!???*** This is a serious statement put out by a large American corporation??? Can anyone here imagine our fathers hearing that? … the looks on their faces? “Huh???”

But this kind of whack drivel is what actually passes for ordinary everyday corporate language, these days. And people who read it actually know what is being said! And why it is being said! And … it’s taken as a serious statement.

We. Are. SO. LOST.

Irritable Bill
Irritable Bill
15 days ago
Reply to  Blank

Another great comment. Cant argue with that at all, if you were running Mars they wouldn’t have made this colossal FUBAR … and yet they will refuse to listen to you, they just say we are wrong and we are ultra MAGA ….and so pathetic losers.
At the end of the day, there are far more of us, they don’t think they stole the recent elections and so they think there are more of them….big mistake.