Mayor Adams : I’m the Symbol of Black Manhood in the Country


Humble Mayor Adams, who once said God chose him to become Mayor of New York City, declared that he is the symbol of black manhood.

Adams said in June that God visited him several times, and he’s known about his role as mayor for decades. He said God told him to speak publicly about his faith.

We don’t know if God told him he’s the symbol of black manhood or if he figured that out on his own.

After Adams was criticized for calling a holocaust survivor housing activist a “plantation owner,” he decided to double down on his perceived greatness as a symbol.

“I am the symbol of black manhood in this city, in this country . . . I’m the mayor of the most POWERFUL city on the globe, and people need to recognize that! People need to recognize that!”

No shortage of arrogance with this fellow who, with the help of the incompetent attorney general, is ruining New York City; he sounds like a puffed-up fool.

What does black manhood have to do with him calling an elderly housing activist who is a Holocaust survivor a slave owner? Watch:

This all began when Jeanie Dubnau, the Co-Founder of the Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association (RENA), a tenants & housing rights advocacy organization in Upper Manhattan, questioned him in her usual feisty way. He responded by telling her to stop disrespecting him and pointing her finger at him as if this was a plantation she owned.

Dubnau is hardly a racist, yet Adams pulled the race card. He sees race in his morning cereal when he gets up. He’s obsessed.


He doubled down on it. His ego far exceeds his ability and manners.

The 84-year-old slapped back, saying Adams is “a little bit like Trump.” [Poor Trump. He gets mentioned in every negative way imaginable.]

“He is a little bit like Trump in that way, by lying and by bringing up totally irrelevant things instead of answering questions,” she said. “Trump is maybe even a bit more clever in how he does that … Eric Adams certainly tries to deflect whenever he doesn’t want to answer something.”

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