Mayor Adams to Cut 6,000 Police to Fund Illegal Immigration


“Well over 5,000 cops were attacked and injured last year – that’s not only a record, it’s a full-blown epidemic,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry told The New York Post.


In a city engulfed in crime, Mayor Eric Adams has decided to cut the police force by 6000 officers. The result is NY police officers will be cut by 1/5, or 13.5%, by postponing the next 5 Academy classes, bringing officers below 30,000, down from 36,000. These are the numbers we saw in the 80s and 90s. This is being done to house and feed anonymous, unvetted illegal aliens from around the world.

Many of these people coming are criminals, terrorists, and freeloaders coming for the benefits. I feel sorry for the people who are truly asylum seekers, but it is a very small number. Democrats have decided to call all of the illegal aliens, refugees, or asylum seekers to further their political agenda, which is the same agenda we see fulfilled throughout Europe.


Progressive Democrat Mayor Eric Adams announced a $110.5 billion budget, saying cuts across all agencies were necessary. The city spent $1.45 billion in fiscal 2023 on the migrant crisis. They spent nearly $11 billion is expected to be spent in 2024 and 2025.

“For months, we have warned New Yorkers about the challenging fiscal situation our city faces,” Adams said. “To balance the budget as the law requires, every city agency dug into their own budget to find savings, with minimal disruption to services, reports DNYUZ.

“And while we pulled it off this time, make no mistake: Migrant costs are going up, tax revenue growth is slowing, and COVID stimulus funding is drying up.”

There will be deep cuts to education as well.

The police union warns of the dangers.

“This is truly a disaster for every New Yorker who cares about safe streets,” police union President Patrick Hendry said.

“Cops are already stretched to our breaking point, and these cuts will return us to staffing levels we haven’t seen since the crime epidemic of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“We cannot go back there. We need every level of government to work together to find a way to support police officers and protect New York City’s 30 years of public safety progress.”

The teachers union was similarly critical of the cuts to education.

“Rather than protect our public schools, City Hall proposes to cut overall funding, and on top of that, is making good on another threat by clawing back $109 million from city classrooms,” United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said.

“That means 653 schools — 43% of the school system — will be hit now with midyear budget cuts. Class sizes will rise, and school communities will be needlessly damaged.”


All of this is to support all the illegal aliens in the world who make it to New York. That’s not our job. We have MS-13 and Venezuelan gangs riding around on motorcycles in New York City. They steal jewelry off people’s necks and phones out of people’s hands in broad daylight. At the same time, our District Attorney doesn’t believe in imprisoning people if they are minorities. He prosecutes only a small portion of those who commit crimes. If there are crimes he doesn’t recognize as serious, they’re off the hook.

The horrendous Democrat governor of New York won’t do anything about the failed bail reform laws. She pretends she wants criminal aliens deported but does nothing to make it happen.

Without going through Congress, Democrats have redefined “asylum seekers” as people who want jobs.

The actual definition of refugee or asylum is the one passed through legislation. It reads:

Refugee status is a form of protection that may be granted to people who meet the definition of refugee and who are of special humanitarian concern to the United States. Refugees are generally people outside of their country who are unable or unwilling to return home because they fear serious harm. For a legal definition of refugee, see section 101(a)(42) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

You may seek a referral for refugee status only from outside of the United States. For more information about refugees, see the Refugees section.


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