Mayor Adams Warns Budget Cuts Will Be “Extremely Painful”


The Biden administration is good at destroying everything it touches, and they’ve destroyed New York City with the help of Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams. The open borders is destroying New York City, and the country.

Mayor Adams warns of “extremely painful” upcoming spending cuts in the New York City budget.

Adams issued a dire warning that he would make the deep cuts to offset hundreds of millions of dollars in tax dollars that he is spending on illegal aliens who never contributed a thing to the city.

The taxpayers have to keep pouring the tax money into illegal aliens while cutting services for people who belong in the city. This month, he’s cutting budgets by 5%, and this will affect the already defunded law enforcement.

Adams also announced an additional 5% government-wide cuts in January.

There will be another 5% cut in April.

The city won’t survive this mess, and the border will never be closed until Democrats have their permanent electoral majority and they’ve destroyed the Republican party.

Democrats want everything controlled centrally with them alone in charge.

As we reported Tuesday, he’s also asking parents to work as school safety officers for free.

People in New York City can’t bring themselves to vote for anyone but a ‘D’ if they vote at all – most don’t vote.

It’s over.

We also have Adams insisting it’s a black city – a bit racist. People with money are fleeing.

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