McConnell Only Cares About Defense in the $5.8T BBB Budget


The United States takes in less than $4 trillion a year and Biden wants to spend $5.79 trillion on a Build Back Better budget. Biden claims he’s cutting the budget but he’s actually cutting the increase from the extraordinarily large COVID budget. If this new budget is passed, our deficit spending goes from $1 trillion to $1.7 trillion and the debt will go from $30 trillion to an unsustainable $45 trillion. We will be paying more for interest than defense or domestic spending.

The budget shoots corporate rates back up to 28% which will kill business. These are Jimmy Carter’s policies on speed.


So far, all Mitch McConnell cares about is the defense budget. It’s all he’s talked about — increasing Defense. He has said nothing about the wasteful spending that makes our country far more socialist.

McConnell rejected President Joe Biden’s $5.79 trillion budget plan on Monday, saying it was unacceptably light on defense spending at a time of heightened international tensions over Ukraine, Reuters reports.

“President Biden’s budget reinforces the disconnect between this Administration’s far-left goals and what Americans need,” wrote McConnell. “It’s soft on the defense funding we need to outpace Russia and China, heavy on left-wing waste and historic tax hikes.”

McConnell is disconnected from the people as well. What Americans need is a normal budget that spends less than what we take in.

“As if that were not enough, “an analysis by Capital Alpha Partners’ Byron Callan noted the Republican target is likely $875 billion for overall defense and national security spending,” according to a DefenseNews report.

The budget puts rampant socialism in place and McConnell isn’t complaining about that at all. He’s not talking about the permanent damage to the country due to the spending and the nature of the spending.

Watch this for a good quick rundown:

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