McConnell Will Be Forced to Take Up Impeachment But Dismissal’s OK


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday he will take up impeachment articles passed by the House because he is required to do so under Senate rules.

“It’s a Senate rule related to impeachment that would take 67 votes to change, so I would have no choice but to take it up,” McConnell told CNBC in an interview. “The Senate would have to take up an impeachment resolution if it came over from the House.”

The statement puts to rest speculation that McConnell might ignore the House if it passes one or more articles of impeachment against the president.

That is what happened in the case of Bill Clinton who was tried in the Senate and found innocent on two charges. It takes a two-thirds majority to convict.

Expect the President to be impeached since every single Democrat voted to impeach and Democrats hold the House. They don’t have a case for collusion or obstruction so now they are onto Ukraine. God knows what else they will come up with between now and November.

The far-left Democrats not only want to destroy Trump, but they also want to destroy the supporters and the GOP, once and for all.

Keep in mind that Democrats are using impeachment powers to overturn the election.

They don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, however, and it could be dismissed.

The Hill reported that an aide informed them “There is no way we could somehow bar the doors and prevent the managers from presenting the articles (to the Senate),” the aide said. “The rules of impeachment are clear on this point.”

However, the aide added that trying to dismiss the articles of impeachment would be allowed under the Senate’s rules.

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4 years ago

Well Mitch MaGoo why are you going to follow Senate rules when Nancy isn’t following House rules when it comes to impeachment ?????

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
4 years ago

Beware of China Mitch, the House is threatening to investigate his wife.

Senators won’t remove Trump, only because it would destroy their careers.

There would be a national uproar like none since 1861 if Trump is removed.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This is their ultimate goal to destroy any opposition to their being Tyrants and Dictators.