McConnell writes of his ‘grave concerns’ about the 1619 Project to Ed Secretary


Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell sent a letter to the Department of Education, objecting to the implementation of the 1619 Project in American schools.

The Project is a dishonest portrayal of U.S. history that is both anti-American and racist. It’s not all that different from the dark, communist Howard Zinn version.

The author, Nikole Hannah-Jones appeared on CNN to object. She actually claims her right to teach this fraudulent version of history is a free speech issue.

Hannah-Jones herself has admitted that the 1619 Project is not about history. It’s a way to control the narrative nationally.


In McConnell’s letter to Secretary Cardona, he wrote that he was expressing his “grave concern’ with the department transforming history and Civics into a “politicized and divisive agenda…”

He encouraged Cardona to strengthen history and civics instead of “your Progressive Priorities double down on divisive, radical, and historically-dubious buzzwords and propaganda…”

McConnell noted that “Families did not ask for this divisive nonsense. Voters did not vote for it. Americans never decided our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil. If your Administration had proposed actual legislation instead of trying to do this quietly through the Federal Register, that legislation would not pass Congress.”

McConnell is absolutely correct.


Hannah-Jones, the woman who has called white people “bloodsuckers,” gave a ridiculous response on CNN. She made it into a free speech issue and that’s truly a dishonest twisting of reality.

After talking about the intent of her project, she went into her spiel.

“In fact, what I say is that despite everything this country has done to Black Americans — that Black Americans have seen the worst of America, and yet still believe in its best,” she said.

Hannah-Jones said McConnell’s effort to censor her project is a “freedom of speech issue,” and she said she was surprised more free speech advocates weren’t denouncing the effort.

“This is not about the facts of history — it’s about trying to prohibit the teaching of ideas they don’t like,” she said.



  1. This is merely the corrupt and cowardly China Mitch, part of the coup effort, pretending to be a conservative and patriot. To reveal his deception, all one has to realize is that he called no hearings on this when he “led” the senate, though the issue was big at the time. Chump republicans are so gullible. Mitch and his gang of crooks figure that the dems are so bad that the repubs can win the next election by doing nothing but pretending, after they just completely betrayed the party. Since the party is not changing leadership, and has an active movement to dump Trump, there is no chance of success. Mitch may retire someday in disgrace and extremely rich as the senate becomes permanently democratic.

  2. Turkey Neck is so cute trying to play the role of staunch “opposition” party leader, where is Sobama’s beard Pauly Ryan when you need him?

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