MD delegate to social engineer impoverished urbanites into affluent suburbs


Maryland state legislator Vaughn Stewart is the delegate who wants to eliminate single-family homes and zoning regulations, putting all the power in the hands of bigger government apparatchiks. That’s not all he wants to do.

He wants to add high-density, low-income housing to affluent suburban neighborhoods. He wants to take the poor, the gang kids, the illegal aliens, whoever, and put them in high-income suburban areas. His excuse is to eliminate racism and allow high-density housing in those neighborhoods.


Vaughn wants to social engineer the suburbs, make them into urban areas that will vote for the communist/socialist Democrats in perpetuity. It’s about votes.

It was the exact plan for Agenda 21 that we were all told was a conspiracy theory.

Somehow, he and his comrades say that will improve the lives of the impoverished and not sink the productive. It rarely works that way. It’s been tried.


The far-left Democrat wrote Jan. 3 that he will introduce “Homes for All” legislation that would “legalize the construction of modest homes in neighborhoods close to affluent schools, reliable transit, and good jobs.”

“For too long, local governments have weaponized zoning codes to block people of color and the working class from high-opportunity neighborhoods, pushing them to the crumbling margins of cities and towns. We must act boldly to reverse decades of these exclusionary policies,” he wrote.

That’s not true any longer. As people of color succeed, they want to live in the suburbs too and do.

The text of the legislation is not yet available and Stewart did not respond to a request for comment. CityLab said the bill would bring more people into neighborhoods identified by a private tool called the “Opportunity Atlas,” which says it identifies neighborhoods that have kids who tend to become high-earning adults.

They totally ignore parenting, drugs, crime, all the socio-economic factors. This is actually fascism. Hitler was a social engineer and that didn’t work out, did it?

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

Maryland state legislator Vaughn Stewart wants to add high-density, low-income housing to affluent suburban neighborhoods.
GOOD! It will be funny when the “not in my backyard” crowd has it crammed down their throats too. I say that, not out of jealousy of their affluence, but rather that they’re the haughty crowd who are mostly liberal – this is Maryland, DUH! – who push their ideas of fairness and equality onto blue collar neighborhoods but theirs are too protected to suffer too. Don’t have any sympathy for the “limousine liberals” if it does happen; Crime goes up, noise goes up, property values plummet and quality of life disappears like happens to Joe Sixpack’s neighborhoods when liberals’ social engineering is imposed on them. Paybacks are a SOB.

mark gillett
mark gillett
2 years ago

It has been tried and failed When I lived in Charlotte NC They put a low income apartment building in South Park one of the wealthiest parts of town. It went on for several years and they gave up. Why, the infrustructure was not there. The density didn’t allow for enough bus routes ect There weren’t any discount stores which offered products they couldn’t afford and the rent was too high for discounters

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