Media Is in Hysterical Panic Mode Over TwitterX Allowing Free Speech


The Left is panicking that Elon Musk is taking over Twitter, even as the Twitter stock begins to soar. They fear free speech and the end of the Twitter Censorship regime.

NBC News reporter Ben Collins posted on Twitter what is undoubtedly the concern of all the activist media. He fears people speaking freely on Twitter and how that might impact midterm elections.

What does that tell you about corruption, propaganda, and illicit influences on our elections?

We think Musk will do the right thing and allow free speech. He’s already calling it “X”.


Collins doesn’t care that Twitter is 100% biased in favor of Democrats. That’s okay.

The media is panicking. Dan Nathan feels he will probably have to leave Twitter if Donald Trump gets his free speech back. Why not just block Trump? We know why. He doesn’t want Trump to have free speech.

A while back, this BSNBC host made it clear he only wants one-party censorship.

Liberal, normal liberal, Professor Jon Turley made a note of some of the terrified reactions:

NPR editor Neela Banerjee retweeted and echoed his concern about “the broader implications for the rest of us of a Musk takeover of Twitter.” Others joined in on the collective panic that there could be a loss of control over what people say on social media.

BBC journalist Dickens Olewe warned that “Guardrails will be dropped, misinfo & conspiracy theories will thrive. No functional alternatives available, this is it: a complete destruction of the global public square. Been nice y’all.”  In other words, free speech protections will lead to the destruction of “the global public square” by losing control of who can speak or what people can say.

PoliticusUSA head Sarah Reese Jones seemed to move from the desperate to the outright delusional: “Before 2020, Facebook deplatformed progressives, then it came for mainstream media and elevated only radicalized conservatives. Cut to 2022, we know Elon Musk plans to do same with Twitter. We know how damaging it will be.Tech giants pose ongoing threat to western democracy.”

Favoring conservatives???

That’s right, social media companies have been favoring conservatives and targeting progressives. That is why a wide array of conservative groups and figures have been banned or suspended. That is why the Hunter Biden laptop story was buried before the election. That is why there are now numerous reports of backchannels with the government in censoring opposing views.

Euronews correspondent Shona Murray tweeted, “The end of Twitter as we know it is nigh.” I certainly hope so.  However, it may be a case of “your Twitter is dead, long live Twitter.” As discussed earlier, the Internet was once the greatest single advance in free speech since the printing press.

This move by Musk could single-handedly bring back free speech if he can deal with the abuse and damage to his companies.

Professor Turley also recommended revolutionizing Twitter into what it was meant to be with these five steps:

1.  Adopt the First Amendment standard.

2.  Restructure Twitter.

3.  Shift from site moderation to individual filters.

4.  Shift away from ad revenue.

5.  Protect against Surrogate State Censors.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Ben Collins said what????? “…there will be no oversight on this as a private company.” ????
Since when did these the leaders of tech companies like Facebook Twitter, etc. ever have to answer to anyone as they became censors against the spirit of the First Amendment? They are not even regulated.
They have acted like they are above the law, and everyone else is their servants.

????CNBC’s Dan Nathan says he’ll quit Twitter if Trump is allowed to tweet again ?????
He chooses to keep living in a country with a first amendment????
Either he should leave the USA of never pick up another newspaper, ever listen to radio or TV because on those platforms he might ear about Trump.

1 year ago

The horror! How can Twitter survive with Free Speech? How can Liberalism survive in an environment of Free Speech? Conservatives will tell the truth and hurt our feelings with facts. Free Speech; it’s going to be nothing less than verbal terrorism.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The leftists cannot compete in a fair marketplace, financially or intellectually. Consider the audience size of leftist outlets.

These people will leave twitter just like they were to leave the country if Trump won in 2016.

1 year ago

I love when liberals get their panties in a bunch. Now if he could only buy Fakebook too.