Medical Tyrants Destroying the USA


Whatever you think of Bill Maher, you might like what he’s saying about the absolutely absurd mandates in the three clips below. The Left doesn’t want to admit the Right was correct all along. The mandates, as we now know with certainty from the Johns Hopkins research did tremendous damage in exchange for near-zero benefits.

These policies must end and never exist again. Yet, in New York, the unelected governor is doubling down with backdoor mandates for the future. She is circumventing the legislature to codify mask and lockdown mandates as well as dictates for businesses.

The study out of Johns Hopkins found:

Lockdowns have not been used to such a large extent during any of the pandemics of the past century. However, lockdowns during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic have had devastating effects. They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy. These costs to society must be compared to the benefits of lockdowns, which our meta-analysis has shown are marginal at best. Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument. [Embolden are ours]

The pro-lockdown policies have crashed and burned. It was not a mistake since it was obvious from day one. We knew right away that the virus almost completely affected specific people – elderly, obese, and people who have co-morbidities.

Social distancing never had a proven benefit, especially for a virus that can travel five times farther than six feet and is tinier than the holes in masks. They even made us wear useless cloth masks. California followed the Cody Manual meant for bioterrorism attacks. Then there was Fauci following his dated playbook for AIDS.

Remember how he was only going to flatten the curve? He went from controlling the cases to total lockdowns. They loved the control and we wouldn’t put it past them doing it to destroy the Trump economy which they constantly complained about!

There are people who need to go to jail for seriously harming our children, businesses while fearmongering, lying, and hiding data.

These monsters terrified Americans deliberately, knowing the extremes were not necessary.

The partisan ‘experts’ made it up as they went along.

Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins explains the study and the mistakes in this clip. He says a small number of a few doctors who think alike are making all the decisions for the USA. Their meetings are also politically charged.

Bill Maher Rants

Florida was lightyears better than New York which is destroying the economy as we speak.

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