Meghan McCain calls President Trump a “Totalitarian President”


As Democrats look for ways to permanently take our freedoms away using the virus, Meghan McCain says President Trump has “always been a sort of totalitarian president in a way that we’ve never historically seen before.”

Her personal issues with the President and her hanging with the far-left lunatics on The View might be affecting her.

She said she’s afraid he’s going to use this coronavirus crisis to play off our fears and implement new policies for his own benefit. She said she fears “he is going to play on the American public’s fears in a draconian way and possibly do something akin to the Patriot Act going forward where he uses this moment in time to play off our fears for his own benefit.”

McCain seems to think women are drinking fish tank cleaner because of him. Meanwhile, the woman who did it, along with her now-deceased husband, is a Democrat donor. And there is reason to believe she did it deliberately.

Why? There is no reason to believe that.

She is John’s daughter. — she’s no conservative.

Everything the President has done is to return us to the constitution and freedom.


On the other hand, Democrats have one goal – to make the United States a socialist country. They are succeeding.

If you doubt their intentions, check out a quick list of Speaker Pelosi’s dream list for the previous rescue package.

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti want neighbors to snitch on neighbors as they did in pre-war Germany.

We’ve been warned.


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