Mexican Cartels Are Living Among You – Hiding in Plain Sight


Mexican cartel members are now living in and operating their labs in Atlanta neighborhoods, hiding in plain sight.  They can be found in poor or average neighborhoods and in areas with multi-million dollar homes.

Channel 2 in Atlanta did a tour of the neighborhoods where the cartels live, and it’s shocking to see how they are changing the face of America. It’s where they create their labs. They then sell the poison in Georgia, the East Coast, and Midwest.

The head of Atlanta’s DEA and Special Agent in Charge Robert Murphy told Channel 2 reporter Dave Huddleston that in the 25 years he’s been fighting drugs, this is the worst he’s ever seen it.

“We arrested 10 Mexican nationals, all members of the cartel,” said Murphy of a recent bust.

They are in places you would least expect, like suburban subdivisions.

“They try to be good neighbors other than the fact that they’re making poison,” said Murphy.

Murphy said the really bad guys aren’t driving around in loud cars and flashing money. “They want to hide in plain sight, that’s the deal with the cartels,” said Murphy.

“The same thing that makes Atlanta attractive to Fortune 500 companies is the same the Mexican cartel is looking for,” said Murphy.

He told Huddleston the biggest obstacle the DEA faces is that Mexico won’t help fight the cartels.

Our open borders have made this all possible. It’s happening in thousands of our major Democrat cities. Open borders, sanctuaries, and pro-criminal Democrat lawmakers are ruining US cities and killing Americans.


Cartels living among us in the US is now common. It’s convenient for the cartels. One example is the New Generation Cartel or CING.

They cannibalize some of their victims. New members have to eat their victims. They have forced teens to kill, decapitate, and eat victims.

Thousands of these people live in the USA.

This gang is now Mexico’s foremost criminal threat and appears set to continue expanding. The cartel is associated with extreme violence. In the period following the emergence of the CJNG, homicides, forced disappearances and the discoveries of mass graves spiked in Jalisco.

This is what Joe Biden and his crew are facilitating with open borders.



VICE video description: More than 100,000 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2021, the worst year on record. The newest wave of the overdose crisis involves man-made chemicals, including animal tranquilizers, that are being combined with fentanyl to make street drugs that are deadlier and more addictive. With access to an undisguised fentanyl dealer, Beyond Fentanyl looks at how drugs like “benzo dope” and “tranq” are ravaging North American communities and how U.S. policy affected the latest flood of synthetic street drugs.


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