MI AG slams elderly barber after a judge refuses to close his shop


Remember the 77-year-old barber Despot Governor Whitmer and her clone AG Nessel wanted to destroy? He’s still cutting hair. That’s thanks to a fair judge.

The judge refused to grant the AG’s motion to force the closure of the barbershop, which means he’s free to continue trimming hair.

Karl Manke, 77, has kept his Owosso, Michigan, barbershop open since May 4, despite a license suspension, a cease-and-desist order, and a temporary restraining order from the state’s attorney general. A Shiawassee County judge ruled Thursday that he can remain open, according to the Lansing State Journal.

Michigan Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun had argued in an affidavit that Manke’s shop was a threat to public health, but Stewart said not enough evidence was shown to prove that.

“The attorney general has not presented any studies underlying the doctor’s conclusion, Stewart wrote in his opinion. “The attorney general has not shown any nexus between the cutting of hair and an increased risk of transmission. The attorney general’s filings rest more on general facts about COVID-19 than specific practices or conditions at Manke’s business.”

Nessel, a fascist tyrant, personally attacked Mr. Manke last week, questioning his motives for wanting to open his barbershop.

“Mr. Manke, he’s not a hero to me,” Nessel said. “He’s not a patriot. A patriot is a person that fights all enemies, foreign and domestic, and does everything possible to protect his fellow countrymen and countrywomen. And, to me, Mr. Manke is doing just the opposite of that, and he’s being selfish in his behavior in that what he’s doing is allowing the virus to spread.”

Of course he’s not a hero to her, she’s a tyrant.


Has anyone in Michigan ever read the Constitution, especially the 1st Amendment? Did she ever hear of civil disobedience against unjust laws? This rigid lockdown has gone on way too long.

“The government is not my mother,” the barber said to hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters in front of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing last week. “Never has been. I’ve been in business longer than they’ve been alive.”

He is a hero and she’s a bish. Imagine having to look at that cranky, arrogant woman on a daily basis? Michigan has a lot of tyrannical women in charge. Watch:

Watch Mr. Manke:



  1. Nessel and Witless should both be arrested and jailed for violating his civil rights. Michigan has had enough of these two communists. It’s time to relieve them of their offices.

    • Federal action against these 2 is appropriate. All it would take is federal action just once and this national nonsense would stop. The DOJ has a long history of intervening in states when things get out of control. But that requires a decent AG, an honest person, an oath follower, with the courage Americans should expect from leaders. Barris the enabler of this massive abuse.

    • Doesn’t Michigan have a recall procedure? If so, is it in process? Are the two tyrants up for election this year? Time for the good people of Michigan to reintroduce the old method of dealing with these types — tar and feathering, followed by running them out of town.

  2. Karl, I live in California, so I sympathize with you, stand strong, we are praying for you! Vote conservative, & drown out the socialist, communists voices!

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