Michael Savage Talks Hunter’s Art & Releasing Crazy GITMO Prisoners


Dr. Savage was on Stinchfield last night to discuss Hunter’s art and the lunatic prisoners Joe Biden wants to release from GITMO and put back on the battlefield.

First, he dealt with Hunter who is selling bad art for political influence. It’s similar to what Hillary and Bill did with their now failed foundation.

It was a pretty funny exchange.

Then, he moved on to the raving lunatics that Biden wants to release in order to close GITMO. It’s deeply concerning.


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Hail to Meme Jedi Supremes
Hail to Meme Jedi Supremes
1 year ago

Stanky janky danky memes spotted-A sign somewhere out West, looks like Kanarado from the background in the Let’s Go Brandon basement hologram finest election fraud mechanism ever assembled campaign colors with the caption…USA for Sale by Hunter B call 1-888-KNOW JOE.

Historic Cray Cray Czar
Historic Cray Cray Czar
1 year ago

The GITMO Long March to burn it all down fellow travelers will become the United States Police Force after they get citizenship?
Surely Xi doesn’t keep those coke booger kindergarten scribblings made by esteemed CPUSA comrade kommissar Fredo Hunter the small guy with the cash in his bags from the Big Guy Uncle Joe.
How they laugh their asses off in Beijing at how easy it was to conquer the “prize” of Chiquitastan with the traitorous assistance of the Deep State Uniparty Long March fellow travelers.