Migrant at the Border Complains About Free Mexican “Pig Food”


President Donald Trump has hardened the border as migrants pile up. There are 6,000 at the border now, including 500 criminals according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Many of the migrants will likely not qualify for asylum because they are economic migrants and they are not in fear for their lives.

Many are coming in with a serious entitlement problem. They won’t be great citizens. This is why it’s a bad idea to have open borders with a generous welfare system.

A good example comes from The Daily Caller posting of a migrant who complained about the free food Mexico provided them with, calling it “pig food”. She probably never heard the expression, ‘beggars can’t be choosers’.

This is a woman who would expect the U.S. government to take care of her if she gets into the country and she probably will. Our asylum system has been interpreted as an open borders system.

“The truth is, the food that they’re handing out here is terrible,” the woman complained while holding up the food platter. “Look at what they’re giving us. Refried beans, as if they were feeding the pigs. And the truth is, we don’t have any other options. If we don’t eat this, we will die of hunger,” according to the Spanish translation of her answer.


Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum has called the migrants’ arrival an “avalanche” that the city is ill-prepared to handle, calculating that they will be in Tijuana for at least six months as they wait to file asylum claims. Gastelum has appealed to the federal government for more assistance to cope with the influx.

Mexico’s Interior Ministry said Saturday that the Mexican government was flying in food and blankets for the migrants in Tijuana.

A little gratitude would be nice.


A judge today ordered the President to trash his asylum rule and let illegals apply for asylum no matter how they get in. This was in response to a lawsuit won by Democrats, the ACLU and the Center of Constitutional Rights. These are anti-American globalists who care about ideology over people.

Currently, most migrants aren’t coming for the right reasons or the right way. It’s violating our culture, our values, and our sovereignty, which is why nationalism is the new buzzword on the right. It has nothing to do with white supremacy.

The globalists are trying to ban the word ‘Nationalist’ and the reason they are is that it’s the exact antonym for globalist. Leftists use language to change ideas and values. If we can’t use the word, we can’t properly describe the idea of sovereignty and patriotism Trump supporters promote.

The President is trying to keep the interlopers out.


Paloma for Trump is one of the many Mexicans who is protesting the “invasion”. She has been called a racist, along with all the other Mexicans who are protesting, all of whom are of the same race.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Let me wrap my mind around this…”Somebodies”…and it is becoming increasingly clear that some of those bodies are DIRECTLY connected to the D.N.C., who have encouraged these people to “mount an invasion” on the USA and when the invaders arrive at the border they, the somebodies, file suit in a US court that essentially claim that the “government” has to let the “invaders” in….The lot should be charged for HIGH TREASON, including any pickle brained “judge(?)” that “treasonously” rules in their favour…

ebenezeer Jones
ebenezeer Jones
5 years ago

I would suggest she not eat the Mexican food. Who really gives a S**t if she eats or not.

5 years ago

She deserves steak followed by a boot in her ass!