Migrants Shot on the Border, AOC Is Nowhere to Be Found


Five migrants suffering from gunshot wounds were encountered on the banks of the Rio Grande early Monday morning, according to Breaking 911.

On October 4th., Border Patrol agents from the McAllen Station responded to illegal activity near Hidalgo, Texas, and encountered 11 illegal aliens. Five illegal aliens suffered gunshot wounds sustained in Mexico before they even got into the US.

They were given immediate medical care in a local hospital.

An investigation is currently underway to determine the circumstances of the shooting. [Were they criminals?]

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Brian S. Hastings stated, “This encounter serves as yet another reminder of the dangers migrants face when they place their well-being in the hands of smugglers who are only interested in turning a profit. Smugglers routinely place migrants in dangerous situations where they are at risk of drowning, exposure to the elements, and assault.”

Thank Joe Biden. Thank a Democrat and RINOs, and Joe’s 81 million voters.

Remember when the Left went insane over the death of a child and accused Border Patrol of killing people? It’s all part of their tactics to win at the ballot box. But not a word when small children were dropped over an 18-foot border wall. They don’t care when transnational gangs cross over to colonize new territory. Where is open borders Ocasio-Cortez condemning the dangers of coming illegally?

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