Mike Davis on Dems Turning on Bill Barr! They’re Investigating Him


Mike Davis of the Article III Project commented on the latest Democrat surprise during an interview with Laura Ingraham. Democrats, who praised Bill Barr for having the honor to trash Donald Trump, are now investigating him. As attorney Davis says, Marxists turn on their allies very quickly.

Geoffrey Berman, a former prosecutor for the Southern District of New York, wrote a book claiming that Gregory Craig, a former prosecutor for Barack Obama, was indicted on orders of Donald Trump.

Berman says that he was told that as a Republican, he needed to “take one for the team” and do the indictments against Democrats to “even the score.”

“The top leadership at DOJ wanted me to bring criminal charges against a private attorney who had once been President Barack Obama’s White House counsel, and they wanted me to bring those charges before Election Day,” Berman said.

Berman claimed he refused. He was then fired.

Now he’s speaking out, saying that Bill Barr, Jeffrey Rosen, Ed O’Callaghan, and Rich Donoghue used the Justice Department to fight Trump opponents or anyone associated with Democrats.

The book goes on and on about alleged ethical breaches, illegal behavior, and details that could end in disbarring several lawyers.

Monday evening, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced they would investigate the people mentioned in the book by this disgruntled former employee. They are investigating Bill Barr. This is after Barr bashed Trump right and left, doing the Democrats dirty work.

Now watch Mike Davis’s comments.

“Like Marxists Always Do, They Turn on Their Allies Very Quickly”

On Tuesday, Mike Davis, Founder and President of the Article III Project, joined The Ingraham Angle to discuss how President Biden and Attorney General Garland have turned the DOJ and law enforcement agencies into their own political campaigns:

“We started out where they were going after Trump for non-crimes of keeping his presidential records at Mar-a-Lago. Now they’re going after his supporters, they’re going after his supporters for apparently the non-crime of questioning an election. You have to have a predicate crime in order to have grand jury subpoenas and warrants. What’s the crime they’re investigating? Questioning the election. We’re not a Third World, Marxist hellhole yet. I’m not understanding how the Biden Justice Department thinks that they can investigate these as crimes,” Davis said.

“Well, it’s pretty amazing. This Geoffrey Berman allowed BLM and Antifa to destroy New York City from June of 2020 until he got fired, and so it’s amazing that he’s coming out now to criticize Barr, but what’s more amazing is Barr was just last week the Democrats’ hero selling his book, and now they’ve quickly turned on him. Like Marxists always do, they turn on their allies very quickly. Now the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats are investigating Bill Barr,” Davis concluded. 


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