‘Mini’ Bloomberg will spend $2 billion to defeat Trump no matter the candidate


Michael Bloomberg is a multi-billionaire who has about $25 billion in liquid funds. He will use at least $2 billion to defeat President Trump no matter who the nominee is.

We already reported that he is building a vast network for his own election which he has promised to turn over to whoever the Democrat nominee is in 2020.

It’s no secret that Bloomberg personally despises the President, but it goes beyond that. He bought the seats in Virginia to eradicate guns. He is also hepped up on the climate change extremism. The fascistic former mayor of New York City is a control freak.

Bloomberg has already reportedly spent about $200 million on his campaign since he entered the race in November.

“No one can approach what Mike is spending or will spend,” Alan Patricof, head of venture capital firm Greycroft Partners, told Fox Business. “He has a huge war chest.”


Bloomberg told The New York Times last week that he could spend $1 billion in his efforts against Trump, as Gasparino told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto.

“The number has gone up dramatically,” the senior correspondent for Fox Business said on ‘Cavuto’ Sunday, adding that the New York Democrat is so committed to defeating Trump that he will spend his money on whoever ends up running against the president, regardless of the nominee’s policy agenda.

It’s at least $2 billion.

Gasparino found it hard to believe, but it isn’t. If you really studied Bloomberg at all, you would understand. Besides, he’s in his seventies and couldn’t spend all his money in his lifetime — he’s worth $53 billion.

He found it hard to believe he’d spend $2 billion on Bernie, but Bernie is right up his far-left alley. When people try to portray mini as a moderate, I cringe as a New Yorker.

President Trump called it Mini Bloomberg’s “vanity project.” [Bloomberg is very short and he’s petty in case you’re wondering about the ‘mini’ label]

Mini responded. You should know he loves high taxes on everyone, hates guns, loves climate extremism, and is lying about the pre-existing conditions. The President has said over and over pre-existing conditions will be protected.

Did we mention his love of dictators?

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