This Is What Is Really Happening at the VA Capitol in Real Time


The media is lying about who organized the pro-gun rally at the Capitol today, and they are mischaracterizing the event and the type of people in attendance. The militias are generally veterans, military, law enforcement, and emergency workers. They are not dangerous. Not mentioning that as they go on and on about fears of violence is a serious lapse in reporting.

There is at least one socialist militia at the Capitol, and we can’t speak for them.

This morning, I turned on CBS NY which is WINS radio. They tell us to turn to them for real and accurate news here in New York. The first thing I heard was a reporter saying or suggesting the rally today was organized by six neo-Nazis who have been arrested. It went by quickly so I couldn’t tape it.

Nothing in that sentence is true.

The rally was organized by a very legitimate gun rights group in Virginia, the Virginia Citizens Defense League. There were 7, not 6 neo-Nazis who allegedly planned to attend but they weren’t invited. At least one was an illegal alien from Canada. I guess we need a wall there also.

NBC News, which we already dealt with here and here, headlined the most recent article, “At tense Virginia rally, gun-rights supporters chant “We will not comply.”

They have a photo of an armed militia group, probably to frighten people, but we can’t say.

So far, NBC News hasn’t seen violence, nor have we. The Washington Post mentioned “threats of violence” and showed photos of armed rallygoers. UPI mentioned Charlottesville and the fact that the citizens were armed. They also said Governor Blackface feared violence. USA Today found three alleged neo-Nazis from Georgia who were arrested. If that is in addition to the 7, we can’t say. What we can say is a lot of gun owners are Democrats and Libertarians, and they aren’t Nazis.

Fox News correctly wrote:

Richmond, once the capital of the Confederacy, has been on high alert for days following threats of violence at the rally, including claims of a militia storming the Capitol and protesters weaponizing drones. The security concerns have led to road closures as well as a ban on firearms in the Capitol and on its grounds.

But the president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League – the nonprofit organizer of the rally – tells Fox News that it’s not the pro-gun groups that are stoking fear.

“It’s the Democrats,” Philip Van Cleave said. “It’s almost like they want something to happen. It sounds crazy, but they keep doing it and you have to start wondering if that’s intentional.”

Briefly, this is what is happening as of 12:35:

Towards the end, you can hear the harmless woman on the megaphone saying, ‘we will not comply.’ They are also reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing patriot songs. Some prayed.

The last truck is about Epstein:

We will report back later. If anything dramatic happens, we will let you know.

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