Moderna Skips Major Biotech Conference Since They’re Afraid of COV


Alex Berenson wrote on substack that “Moderna is pulling out of a major biotech industry conference in January” because it’s afraid of Covid. That’s right, the company that sold billions of dollars of mRNA COV vaccines in 2021 is so confidant in their product that they won’t go to a conference out of fear of COV.

You couldn’t make that up and be believed.

Berenson writes, Per Stat, a Website that covers the healthcare industry: Moderna “has pulled out over the health risks of sending employees to the crowded hallways of J.P. Morgan’s cramped venue, the Westin St. Francis Hotel.”


Back in the days before Stat was an actual investigative news organization instead of a propaganda arm for Pfizer and Moderna, this news might have prompted some questions, Berenson writes.

That is no longer the case. The STAT article this morning ran with the headline, “Will we always need Covid-19 boosters?” discussing “bullish talk from manufacturers about a need for even more vaccine shots.”

Okay, so the vaccines only last a short time and are now failing, might not work at all against Omicron, so the answer is MORE OF THEM!

Alex Berenson said the public knows they have been misled, and the Left is looking forward to the next pandemic. Berenson said we need the truth and we need debate so if there is another pandemic, we will be prepared to stand up against the mandates.

The masks and lockdowns didn’t work and the vaccines were a short term fix.

It’s also not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It’s more a pandemic of the vaccinated according to Dr. Harvey Risch, a prominent Yale epidemiologist.

Dr. Risch said it is a pandemic of the vaccinated. Vaccinated people transmit more potent strains and it’s “been known for a hundred years,” he says.

Additionally, we are now seeing double vaxxed young people spreading Omicron throughout several countries in Europe.


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