Mom of slain Marine plans to go to DC to tell Biden to resign


Earlier today, we posted a message from Shana Chappell, the distraught mother of the slain Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui. She described the disrespectful attitude of Joe Biden during the ceremony at Dover honoring the 13 very young service members who died needlessly in Kabul.

She was banned by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the message which you can read on this link. Mrs. Chappell wasn’t the only person upset by the lack of respect. Two fathers of two slain Marines and the pregnant wife of another were also disappointed.

She has since been reinstated on FB and Instagram.

Shana Chappell has also promised to drive to the White House the day after her son’s funeral to make a statement demanding that “POS Biden resign and take his whole corrupt admin with him.”

If she does go to DC, Americans who are not going ‘to protest, riot, loot, or cause trouble,’ should consider going to stand with her in honor of her son.

If she goes, I plan to get some people together from New York.

Her accounts are back up on FB and Instagram. They said the cancellation was a mistake.


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A post shared by Shana Chappell (@socalangel7272)


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A post shared by Shana Chappell (@socalangel7272)

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