More Studies Point to COV Vax Causing Heart Attacks in Children


More studies have been released proving that children’s hearts are in danger from the COVID vaccine. Yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and Dr. Rochele Walensky, the CDC chief, continue to push the vaccine for children.

Dr. Marty Makary tweeted about the latest studies out of Thailand and Denmark showing the connections of heart ailments to the vaccine in youth.

“More studies revealing how the Covid vaccine affects the heart of children. This is why many of us called for more humility and less dogma when vax & booster mandates were pushed hard on ultra-low risk healthy children. Some European countries did not even rec the vax for children,” he tweeted.

He linked to the study conducted in Thailand. The US spends billions on the executive agencies but they are merely politicized arms of the Democrat Party. They are no longer on the forefront of medical research.

A French study reported on the rates of myocarditis in teen boys. The more they look, the more they find.

“Troublingly, the more carefully you look for myocarditis after vaccines, the more you find. Hong Kong (Chua et. al. ) has a robust surveillance system , and reported rates of myocarditis of 1/2700 in 12-17 year old boys after the 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Given the Moderna vaccine has 3 times the dose of Pfizer, it is not particularly surprising that countries with access to both vaccines have noted rates of myocarditis that are 3-4x higher with Moderna than Pfizer.”

Then there are the recurrent infections from much-vaccinated and boostered people.

The WOKEs won’t give up the fraud. For example, Pentagon Chief, General Austin cut the benefits and pay of 60,000 Army soldiers for not getting vaccinated.  The soldiers can no longer participate in military duties.

At this point, it makes no medical sense whatsoever.

The vaccine does not protect anyone from getting the illness or spreading it nor does it last very long. There are numerous, unexamined adverse effects. It does not do what officials claimed it would do.

These mandates are about power.

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