Moron Chris Matthews Says President Will Resign in Coming Weeks to Save Kids


On Monday night’s “Hardball,” Chris Matthews said that he thinks the President will resign to save his kids. That mantra is the latest wishful thinking from the left media/Democrats. Matthews postulated:

“The president’s children stand right in the line of Mueller’s investigative progress — they stand as the next dominos to fall. But therein lies the problem, where earlier Mueller subjects have given Trump up, these two lack the option to do that,” Matthews said. “They can hardly testify against their father, which brings the country to the reckoning. If the prosecutor will not be stopped and the kids will not fall to him, we see the president’s adult children heading to prison.”

“But what if the prosecutor were to offer the president an alternative, what if he were to say he would let the children walk if the old man does the same?” he continued. “They get to go scot-free if he’s willing to take the Agnew way out. That would mean giving up the presidency in exchange for acquittals all around, not just for himself, but for all his kids.”

Cable TV is literally unwatchable.

Joy Reid and guest say the way to get the President is through his kids.

Joy Reid & Guest Want Ivanka to Go to Jail to Get President Trump


  1. “Prissy Christie” Mathews is a moron with no integrity or credibility and no one with a functional brain would believe a word he said. If his lips are moving it is absolute that he is lying.
    The fact that he is taking advised from an ignorant racist like Joy Reid should tell you how little intelligence and common sense he has.

  2. Chris Matthews and Judge Napolitano should join forces. Both bloviating men pretend to know everything while everyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size realizes that, combined, these two miscreants know little to nothing.

  3. I have listened closely many many times to what this MORON says and still cannot verify any facts. Only a “Dem” voter as described by Hillary Clinton as the dumbest people in the world, will accept without facts and analysis what this Moron and other morons like don da Lemon, Rachel Madcow and Mika minus brain and others say without checking. Dems are cattle to the slaughter who can’t imagine why they are being fed so well……………………………………

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