MS-13-Tied Gangs Sell IDs on NYC Sts in Our Banana Republic


Criminals tied to MS-13 and other transnational gangs are selling fake green cards and social security cards to migrants on street corners in Queens. This is a dangerous security threat as illegals – that the NYC post called “rogue newcomers” – pour into New York City.

They are hawking the bogus documents for $80 to $250 on street corners.

The forged social security numbers can be used to open up a bank account and potentially obtain a real driver’s license.

Permanent resident cards, or green cards, give immigrants the lawful right to live and work in the United States. They could use them to get citizenship.

Many migrants buy the forgeries to land jobs where employers do not look too carefully at documentation.

The New York Post found ten of the gansters on the streets.

Venezuelan hookers are walking New York City streets, also. They are tied to transnational gangs.

Biden’s going to control the border “more orderly slow.”

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