Three DEI Airline Mishaps in a Row, Is It Tied to DEI?


Maybe the DEI hiring at the airlines isn’t a good idea. We had three airline mishaps in a row. They weren’t all Boeing. One incident involved a United Airlines Boeing 737 Max. An engine went on fire, and the landing gear started to fall off as the plane landed, crushing cars in a parking lot.

It’s only a matter of time before there is a disaster. Whether bad hiring and promotion policies are to blame or note, DEI has no place in airlines and medicine. This might not be connected, but it needs to be considered.

Frontier and American Airlines collide during pushback.

United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, American Airlines, and Boeing all have a DEI policy. Are they hiring their best or just people who fit some criteria?

Embattled Alaska Airlines is at the center of a second aviation drama after a plane arrived at an airport gate in Portland, Ore. last Friday with its cargo door open.

According to local TV station KOIN, the cargo hold was stowing passengers’ pets, although none of the animals were injured. The plane had flown in from Los Cabos, Mexico.

Boeing and Alaska Airlines are already amid a $1B lawsuit over plane safety.

In the other incident, according to Frontier Airlines, their aircraft was parked at the gate at MIA, preparing to board passengers for a flight to Dallas-Fort Worth, when an American Airlines aircraft pushed back from its gate and came in contact with the Frontier aircraft.

“Only crew members were on board the Frontier aircraft then, and no injuries were reported. Frontier is currently assessing damage and re-accommodating customers,” Frontier said in a statement.


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