Ms. Keller Fired After ‘Safe Space’ Zoom Call for Her Opinion on Dobbs in a Dobbs Discussion


Attorney Robin Keller, who worked for Hogan Lovells until she was fired for supporting the Supreme Court Dobbs decision on a zoom call described as a designated “safe space” to discuss the DOBBS DECISION. She was fired for her opinion and called a racist.

“I said the court was right to remand the issue to the states. The outrage was immediate and she was called a racist and told to leave the meeting. She was fired within weeks for harassment.

The Dobbs decision overturned Roe V. Wade and sent it back to the states. Ms. Keller explained the situation in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.

She was invited to the call at the global firm – billed as a “SAFE SPACE” for women – after the Supreme Court handed down the decision.

Only it wasn’t safe for her.
Ms. Keller wrote:

Everyone else who spoke on the call was unanimous in her anger and outrage about Dobbs. I spoke up to offer a different view. I noted that many jurists and commentators believed Roe had been wrongly decided.

Ms. Keller said that the court was right to remand the issue to the states., adding that she thought abortion-rights advocates had brought much of the pushback against Roe on themselves by pushing for extreme policies.

I then referred to numerous reports of disproportionately high rates of abortion in the black community, which some have called a form of genocide. I said I thought this was tragic.

“The outrage was immediate. The next speaker called me a racist and demanded that I leave the meeting. Other participants said they “lost their ability to breathe” on hearing my comments. After more of the same, I hung up…”

Someone formally complained, and she was accused of making anti-black statements for saying abortion is a genocide against black people. Hogans Lovells immediately suspended her and told the site ‘Above the Law’ that she made anti-black statements.

Most people would say it’s pro-black. The black population would be roughly double if those babies were allowed to live.

Above the Law published three articles on the issue.

In one, the author wrote:

A white partner who attended HoLove’s women’s meeting felt it appropriate to chime in with her support of the Dobbs decision. As a tipster at the firm described it, “Robin Keller, in front of nearly 400 women, shared her views that Dobbs was rightly decided and that Black women are disproportionately getting abortions and conducting ‘Black genocide’ which she finds ‘tragic.’” Yikes.

Another tipster described it as “spouting out racial vitriol about Black women abortions being a genocide that luckily Dobbs stops.” According to accounts, another partner “eloquently shut her down to the ground,” and asked Keller to leave the call. But, tipsters report that wasn’t the end of the screed, as Keller “wrote in the Zoom chat that we should channel our ‘rage’ into understanding other people’s point of view.”

The progressive author then condemned Ms. Keller for “crying” on on the pages of the Wall Street Journal and blaming “cance culture” for something she did.

The author wrote:

…it is dangerous to assert that just because a statement has been repeated within the right-wing echo chamber makes it acceptable — particularly in a workplace. And it certainly doesn’t mean Keller gets to eschew responsibility for imposing her problematic views on her colleagues.

Free speech is not right-wing.

The same author wrote in a previous article that black women can make their own choices and must abort to have the same prosperity as white women. The author was thrilled that Ms. Keller was suspended.

Most people aren’t blaming black or white women for abortions. [They know the white leftists of Planned Parenthood are convincing women to abort for any reason.] That’s not the point. The point is Ms. Keller should be allowed to express a commonly-held opinion.

Professor Jonathan Turley also wrote about Ms. Keller’s situation and cited ‘Above the Law’ as one of the most anti-free speech sites on the Internet. And it’s a law firm! They accused Turley of wanting law firms to hire Nazis [when they’re the Nazis, so ironic].

Turley wrote:

What is striking about this controversy is that there is not a great deal of disagreement on what was said at the meeting. Take Above the Law, which Keller references in her column. The site has become one of the most vocal anti-free speech sites on the Internet. It recently even defended the virtual elimination of conservative and libertarian faculty at universities as commendable…

Let’s repeat that again . . . these are lawyers who were traumatized because a colleague expressed a dissenting view of abortion, a view held by millions of other Americans as well as many judges and justices. It is a view that has been expressed widely in the media, including by African-American and female commentators.

I can understand how such arguments can insult or enrage others. Pro-life lawyers can also be deeply offended on the other side by pro-choice arguments. Abortion is an area that has torn apart this country for generations. The addition of race only magnifies the passion and anger in such discussions. However, this is an area that raises difficult constitutional, social, racial, economic, and gender issues.

He said rather than engage and explain why they felt she was wrong; they demanded her silence and firing.

Ms. Keller also filed a complaint. She was fired, and her complaint was dismissed. Not only that, she was blackballed. Ms. Keller wrote in her op-ed, “If this could happen to me, anyone who expresses a disfavored opinion—even on a matter of law—can expect the same treatment: immediate cancellation without concern for client interests, due process or fairness.”


The victim, in this case, is Ms. Keller, not the offended snowflakes. She didn’t incite violence. This is the cancel culture, as she said. They destroyed her after serving as a fine lawyer for 44 years because she held a different opinion and thought she could share it in the “safe space” her company set up for the zoom call.

These progressive lawyers are opposed to free speech. They are supposed to protect our Constitution, but they believe in silencing conservatives and libertarians, as Jonathan Turley said in his speech. They are trying to kill free speech if you don’t agree with them.

This is straight-up cancel culture. it’s seriously damaging our country. Progressives destroy everything they touch, including the Democrat Party. The law is supposed to represent justice. Ms. Keller got none. What happens when all the lawyers feel this way? Will there be representation for people who disagree with them?

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1 year ago

The real Racist in America Are Liberals. They counted get Abortion passed in the Congress so went to the Liberal Court of the time. Then Democrats destroyed the Black Family and Planned Parenthood targeted Black Babies.

1 year ago

“The black population would double if those babies were allowed to live”. Now you know why so many people support abortion.