Mueller’s Prosecutor Andrew Weissman Cited for “Corrupt Legal Practices”



A lawyer representing whistleblowers referred Andrew Weissman to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General (IG) for “corrupt legal practices”.

Weissman is Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s lead investigator in the Russia-Trump probe. He is the former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York. That was Loretta Lynch’s territory. He rose through the ranks under Mueller’s stewardship.

In 2015, civil rights attorney David Schoen referred Weisman to the IG for his handling of a case targeting the Columbo crime family. Schoen said he is not a member of a political party and there is no political motivation.

Weissman was the lead attorney in the Persico trial and he withheld exculpatory evidence, a Brady violation. Schoen said he decided to revisit the nearly two-decade-long cases based on new witness information and “recent evidence that has come to light in the last several months.”

Weissman never told the defense that a prosecution witness, Gregory Scarpa Sr., was also working for years as an FBI informant. The underworld witness was nicknamed ‘Hannibal’ and the “Grim Reaper’ and committed over 100 murders.

The judge described AUSA Weissmann’s conduct as the “myopic withholding of information” and “reprehensible and subject, perhaps, to appropriate disciplinary measures,” according to the opinion obtained by investigative reporter Sara Carter.

Scarpa was reportedly in a relationship with his FBI handler who may have given him information that helped him wage war against another Mafia faction.

The judge said, “the FBI was willing to make their own deal with the devil.”

Weissman is the attorney who sent tweets to Sally Yates, praising her for violating President Trump’s orders. He was also slated to attend Hillary Clinton’s presidential victory party. That sounds like conflicts of interest.

The decision about Weissman will be made in March by the IG.


Former federal prosecutor, Sydney Powell, told Sean Hannity on his TV show recently that Robert Mueller and Weissman are “creeps on a mission”. She gave examples of his outrageous behavior in the Arthur Anderson case. That is something that is confirmed by other legal experts including Professor Jonathan Turley.

Andrew Weissman conducted a fully corrupt witch hunt in the Arthur Anderson case.

She believes he is the poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct. With the stroke of a pen, he destroyed Arthur Anderson and put innocent people in jail, Ms. Powell states. He eradicated criminal intent when he instructed the jury, leading to a very wrong decision in the case. The Supreme Court found unanimously against Weissmann’s prosecutions.

Innocent people were put in solitary confinement for over a year for doing nothing wrong.

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4 years ago

Shocking, another scum bucket in the Dimocrat brigade.

James Hawkins
James Hawkins
4 years ago

Indict the bastard! No lawyer should be above the law. Weissmann should have been disbarred after the SCOTUS reversal of his convictions in the Arthur Andersen trials. Weissmann literally ruined the lives of THOUSANDS of employees and bankrupted a powerful company…yet he walked away from it and continued to be a sleazy, dishonest lawyer.

He belongs in a hard labor camp in southern Louisiana.

4 years ago

There is rampant corruption and it is now tolerated. Sessions and Rosenstein injected the Muller creeps into the DOJ and are steadfast supporters of the gang.