NARA-DOJ Ties and the Framing of Donald Trump


The raid on Mar-a-Lago was politically-driven, with the White House, the DOJ, and NARA working together. That isn’t how the system is supposed to work. Executive agencies are meant to operate independently of politics and favoritism.

Biden set the raids in motion months before. We know that from documents unearthed by John Solomon.

Joe Biden wanted to classify the documents in Donald Trump’s presidency. He got permission from the partisan NARA to do it after taking away Trump’s executive privilege. Biden then declared every document from Donald Trump’s presidency to be classified. Biden not only knew what was going on, but he or his staff also planned it and put the entire affair, including the raid, in motion. John Solomon has the documents to prove it. Biden set up the legal path for the raid at Mar-a-Lago. Biden and whoever directs him are the instigators of Document-gate.


The NARA-DOJ ties are noteworthy. At least five NARA figureheads might have cooperated with the law enforcement agency to frame Mr. Donald Trump due to their ties to Merrick Garland.


Former Archivist David Ferriero and acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall have a common friend, Marvin Pinkert, former Director of Museum Programs at NARA. Guess what? Pinkert is AG Merrick Garland’s high school classmate, the intermediator who supported Debra Steidel Wall on FB after the search. We have reasons to conclude that Garland has been introduced to the NARA leadership.

Alina Semo is the Director of the Office of Government Information of NARA. She worked in the FBI as a leader for nearly 15 years. Semo has a wide range of contacts in the FBI.

Another mover and shaker is Mark Bradley, the Director of Information Security Oversight Office, who served from 2010-2016 as the Director of FOIA, Declassification, and Prepublication Review at the DOJ’s National Security Division. While serving in the DOJ, he was also an attorney-advisor, Deputy Counsel for Intelligence Policy, and Acting Chief of Intelligence Oversight. Just like Alina Semo, Bradley was appointed at the end of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The last kingpin we should set eyes on is Inspector General Brett Baker. Though his linkage to the DOJ is not strong, his experience in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of Inspector General could explain something. Baker previously served as the Assistant Inspector General for Audit at that office. And coincidentally, the document they recovered at Trump’s residence was said to be about a foreign government’s nuclear capabilities. We don’t know if Baker was involved in conspiring and make this story. But as an expert who worked for NRC, he fully understands to what extent the nuclear document could damage Trump’s campaign for 2024.

Long story short, several NARA heads are closely tied to the DOJ and could possibly have conspired together with the law enforcement agency to set President Trump up. We need FOIA lawsuits for NARA-DOJ communications between these administrators. NARA refuses to share any information about the unprecedentd raid at Mar-a-Lago.

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1 year ago

Reclassifying Declassified Documents is like Locking the Barn after the Horse got out and should not be Allowed. It creates an Ipso Facto situation where people in possession of the Documents are now in violation of the Law. The only reason to do this would be to try and hide Government Corruption. What Traitor Joe did was create an ex post facto law which is illegal under the Constitution. President Trump had the power and authority to declassify those documents, A future President should NEVER have the Power to change that. If this is allowed to stand, what would stop a future President from doing things like nullifying a previous President’s Presidential Pardon?

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Yes it’s more stunning corruption from the most corrupt administration in U.S. history. First they look inside Trump’s house at his secure collection of completely declassified documents. Trump cooperated fully and allowed those inspections. Then, without warning, they classify the documents they know he has in his possession and then frame him with a “crime.” If any judge allows this circus act to stand then there is no law on the books that can protect a former president (or any other official) from a future president. Anything can be made into a classified document and all of it can send you to jail. Maybe all of Obama’s documents should be secretly re-classified by a future president. Biden has set the precedent. Sound fair, democrats?