NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN Spent 7 Seconds on the Twitter Files


NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN spent 7 seconds on the TwitterFiles bombshell. How do you do 7 seconds?

Lauren Boebert tweeted early this evening: The White House just called the Twitter Files “old news” and “a distraction.” If you ever wondered how little Democrats cared about the First Amendment, now you know.

Meanwhile, they’ve talked endlessly about Donald Trump going to dinner with the wrong people and overturning the Constitution. You’d think they’d find time to discuss the abject corruption between the government, Biden campaign, and Twitter to swing the election.

Musk said in response, “I think those people should be looking in the mirror and wondering why they were deceptive; why did they deceive the American public? And instead of trying to redirect blame to Matt Taibbi, they should be accepting some responsibility themselves for not being truthful to the American public.”


They would if they weren’t sociopaths. Most of the media plans to diminish the releases by ignoring them. They have tremendous power.

This must be what democracy looks like to Democrats. We thought it died in darkness, but some files are to be kept in the dark?

Joe Concha discusses the egregiousness of this response by an entire industry, one that’s run by about six people.

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