Nearly 200K Signatures on Petition to Fire Harrison Butker


Harrison Butker spoke out against abortion and made a comment about LGBT Month the Left didn’t like. He’s Catholic, speaking to a conservative Catholic University. Within a few days, the fascists posted a petition at with nearly 200,00 signatures trying to get Harrison Butker fired.

It’s really no one’s right to silence him. He can reference the Bible. It’s not illegal yet.

The Chiefs are not going to fire him. He hits 60-yard field goals.

The petition takes out the brief comments they want to condemn. Here is the full speech:

The petition complained that he urged male graduates to “fight against the cultural emasculation of men.” That is a problem. They want to make women into Amazons and men into women.

The petition organizer said his words were “dehumanizing” and is the type of language that leads to “hate crimes.”

It’s important to note that these types of discriminatory attitudes contribute significantly towards societal issues such as hate crimes, which have been on the rise in recent years (source: FBI Hate Crime Statistics). Furthermore, they can lead to increased mental health issues among targeted communities (source: American Psychological Association), the petition reads.

People harming LGBTs are generally people who travel in their circles.

The petition also notes Harrison Butker is opposed to abortion. Good.

Most of the speech was about family values, and the hardcore Left is opposed to family.

The number of people who signed isn’t surprising. They sent the memo to their various leftist organizations, and they all signed.

People on the Left can dish it out, but no one is allowed to criticize them or their culture. We all must believe what they believe.

The daughter of the Chiefs ownercommented:

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