New group’a plan to take down Trump should he win


A new report suggests Democrats will never accept another President Trump win.

A secretive group called the Transition Integrity Project issued the report. It is bipartisan only in that it included so-called Republican never-Trumpers. It is a 100% anti-Trump organization.

TIP was created last year by Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks and historian and think tanker Nils Gilman, “out of concern that the Trump administration may seek to manipulate, ignore, undermine or disrupt the 2020 presidential election and transition process.”


In June, TIP organized a meeting of 100 “former high-ranking government officials, senior political campaigners, nationally prominent journalists and communications professionals, social movement leaders, and experts on politics, national security, democratic reform, election law, and media.”

The 100 names were secret but 40 came forward. They include the most vehement anti-Trump haters. John Podesta is one. He was Hillary’s campaign manager and a close ally of George Soros, having once run Soros’ looney Center for American Progress.

Also on the list is the former DNC chair and noted liar, Donna Brazile, a strong Hillary ally. She is also a Fox News host who is on their various shows quite often.

There is former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who is on cable regularly to trash Trump.

Norm Eisen, who served as outside counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during impeachment, is part of the group.

To make the group bipartisan, there are Never Trump Republicans, including Reed Galen, a key organizer of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, Bill Kristol, Max Boot, David Frum, and others.


At the June meeting, they created war-game scenarios. They looked at what they might do if the results are not in and are contested for weeks after Election Day.

The results are described in a 22-page report, “Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition,” released Monday.

One of their ideas is to avoid the courts and have a show of power such as forcing state recounts and threatening antifa violence.

Also, they will organize 1000 influencers to denounce the election as illegitimate. Another idea is to organize all living presidents who will claim Trump subverted the process.

Mainly, they want to bring their Astroturf lunatics to the streets.

They write:

The public’s commitment to a “legitimate” outcome, with the objective of hardening the resolve of Democratic elected officials to fight and take action, and to dramatize the stakes. As a practical matter, however, participants in the exercise noted that racial justice activists and others will likely act independently of the Biden campaign – players repeatedly cautioned that these social movements are independent, not beholden to, or a tool of, the Democratic party. Their support or Biden’s ability to mobilize them cannot be taken for granted. (Note: leaders of these grassroots movements were not well represented in the simulation exercises, so the scenario exercises did not robustly test their likely receptivity to a Biden call to take to the streets, or to the Biden campaign’s ability to control these actors once mobilized.) If anything, the scale of recent demonstrations has increased the stakes for the Democratic Party to build strong ties with grassroots organizations and be responsive to the movement’s demands.”

Many loons get paid and Democrats frequently encourage them – they are hardly grassroots.

Click the link to the plan and see for yourself what they have in mind.


Plan for November 2020 by Johannah Winter on Scribd

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