New! Woke Doctors Refer to Women’s “Bonus Holes”


UK Cancer Trust suggests calling a woman’s vagina or some private part a “bonus hole.” First, the left dismissed women as women, and now they found a new way to demean and dehumanize women.

This is a woman
Fox News Digital asked for information about it.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, a United Kingdom-based non-profit, is offering alternative vocabulary for women’s genitalia to increase what the organization is saying is inclusivity in medical language.

According to the cancer trust’s official glossary of LGBT-inclusive terms, “bonus hole” is an optional term for “vagina” in the context of cancer treatment.

According to its website, the trust offers the following definition and guidelines: “An alternative word for the vagina. It is important to check which words someone would prefer to use.”

Yahoo says:

But “bonus hole” went viral today after conservatives like Leo Kearse and Oil London tweeted about it. Kearse is a right-wing UK-based comedian and London is a British media personality who is most well known for writing a book about his experience detransitioning and the issue of a supposed “trans ideology.” Basically, he’s a TERF.

“The LGBT Foundation recommends using the term “bonus hole” instead of “vagina” to avoid offending trans people (this isn’t satire btw),” Kearse wrote on Twitter. “Everyone sure is worried about offending trans people but don’t give a bonus hole about offending women, do they?”

LGBTs must be insane and they want us all to be part of their insanity.

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