Newsom Says No Emergency, All Are Asylum Seekers, Legit Immigrants


California Governor Gavin Newsom wants open borders as do most Democrats. He proposed giving $25 million to the illegal aliens he insists are asylum seekers. As he claims he believes in strong borders, he calls for releasing these people into the country and providing them with taxpayer funds.

“Women and children who left their lives behind — seeking peace and asylum — were met with violence and fear. That’s not my America. We’re a land of refuge. Of hope. Of freedom. And we will not stand for this,” Newsom said.

He left out the fact that there are a lot of men coming in too.

There is no national emergency, Newsom says:

It is a con job in most circumstances. The people aren’t afraid for their lives. They are coming because our country is better than theirs. They want our welfare and our jobs. Many are criminals. Newsom says they all deserve to be in the country.

President Trump disagrees and cut aid to the invading Central American nations yesterday and he said he will close the border next week.


Border Patrol facilities are at or over 100 percent capacity and Congress is sitting on their hands. El Paso is at 283 percent; Rio Grande Valley is at 174 percent; Yuma reached 149 percent; RVG McAllen Station 358%; and the Rio Grande Valley Centralized Processing Center 132%.

The Washington Post reported the migrants [illegal aliens] in El Paso arrive in a strip of land between the river and the tall fencing, claiming asylum. They aren’t even on U.S. territory.

Congress can and does have to stop this, but won’t. They are traitors.


The most dangerous overcrowding is in the El Paso area, where Border Patrol stations are at 300 percent to 400 percent capacity. Most parents who arrive with a child have issued an appointment with an immigration judge. But agents are so overwhelmed by the volume that they often do little more than a cursory screening, officials said.

The illegal aliens are just walking in like they are entitled. There are a lot of men. Many are entitled and many are criminals and many hate us.

This clip of the entitled comes from Border Network News:

Anthony Aguero, a conservative citizen journalist, who lives in El Paso wants the borders closed and taped the scene in the border town. Go to the five-minute mark below:

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