Newsweek Writer-Loon Kurt Eichenwald Goes Bonkers Again – Wants Republicans to “Die”


Crazed Kurt Eichenwald, an editor-writer for Vanity Fair and senior writer for Newsweek, wants innocent Republicans to “suffer” and “die” so he can prove the Republican healthcare bill will kill people.

He’s also an MSNBC contributor. Figures.

After people questioned his insane tweets, he said, “I want them to be tortured,” and “I want the [Republicans] who supported this to feel the pain in their own families.”

He has deleted some of his tweets so we took screenshots.

Eichenwald is not right in the head. He’s currently suing a Twitter user who sent him a psychedelic meme because he claims it set off his seizure disorder.

He was interviewed by Tucker Carlson over his lie that Trump was institutionalized. Eichenwald appeared to be insane. He went bonkers on Twitter after the show.

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